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Woman wearing a Tide Cycle® Raincoat.

Recycled Polyster Tide Cycle®

We’re helping reduce the amount of single-use plastic ending up in landfill and our oceans by making our new waterproof fabric from recycled plastic bottles. Tide Cycle® is hardwearing, breathable and exceptionally soft. It also uses less energy and water to produce than virgin polyester.

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Organic Cotton Tin Cloth®

Inspired by traditional oilskins, out exclusive Tin Cloth® jackets are crafted from hardwearing, waterproof organic cotton that we've improved and made even softer this season.

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Seasalt Cornwall.

Cotton rich waterproof fabric

Our lightweight Coverack Coat is made from a specially developed cotton rich waterproof fabric, with a soft feel that's easy to wear.

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The pack it jacket

Featuring pretty prints on a waterproof 100% polyester that's lightweight and durable and packs down to a portable size so that you can always be prepared for unexpected showers.

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Washing your raincoat every now and then will keep it performing at its best

1. Machine wash at 30°C with NIKWAX TECH WASH to keep your coat clean and breathable.

2. Every few washes, follow the tech wash cycle with another using NIKWAX TK DIRECT WASH-IN to restore your coat's ‘bounce off’ finish.