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Long Seafolly Jacket

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Fully waterproof, windproof and breathable

So many of our customers have asked for a long version of our best-selling Seafolly Jacket and here it is! The style is inspired by traditional fishermen's macs and is crafted from our famous Tin Cloth®. Made from waterproof, windproof and breathable organic cotton, this irresistible raincoat has deep pockets, a generous hood and toggle and rope fastenings. Keeping up the maritime theme, it features a fun Seasalt Breton stripe lining in softest cotton jersey. Part of the Seasalt RAIN® collection - find out more.

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Average customer rating 5 out of 5, based on 348 reviews.

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Fit: Small Fit
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Lovely colour snug sizing

I tried the jacket on in store so happily ordered a size 10 online. When it came it was tighter across the bust than I remembered in store and is cut high under the arms. I’ve kept the jacket as other comments suggest the next size would swamp my hips but may be reluctant to order more online.

Posted by  •  11th January 2018

Fit: Small Fit
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Long Seafolly cornish blue

I originally ordered the short version of this jacket, but upon receipt, realised it was a little too short.

So, I decided to order this one, the Long one.

I agree with your most recent reviewer, tight across the bust and I don't even have big ones. To get the 'room', I went for the 14, but because of the tightness across the chest, even if you go up a size, like I did, you then end up with a lot of baggyness in the back area. I am normally a 12 in Seasalt clothes, but admit to buying 2 previous coats in a 14, so I've realised I tend to be better in a 14 with their coats,

All in all, I had to accept, this style coat just isn't for me. A shame as it's lovely.

I agree with your recent reviewer, too, that it's very stiff and does make a lot of noise when you move around. I also found the hood pretty small and I've not got, what I would call, a large head. Strange.

Anyway, onwards and upwards. It just wasn't the coat for me.

Posted by  •  10th January 2018

Fit: True to Size 
* * * * *

Beautiful jacket

Beautiful well made jacket.

Posted by  •  10th January 2018

Fit: True to Size 
* * * * -

long seafolly jacket

love this jacket it would have been the second one i would have bought but had to return this one because it was very creased even after hanging for four days

Posted by  •  10th January 2018

Fit: True to Size 
* * * * -

Love these Jackets

Bought this Cornish Jacket for wearing in the spring. I already have the yellow jacket which I love. I don't think this Cornish jacket is the same quality which is a shame. The tin cloth seems thinner than my yellow jacket and the inside pockets are not the same quality. Everything else is fine. Saying this however I will keep it for late spring/early autumn wear as it is waterproof and I love the style. Incidentally I have received a few comments from strangers saying they love my yellow jacket!

Posted by  •  10th January 2018

* * * * *

Lovely coat

Lovely Cornblue colour and fits great. A bit short on the arms (am tall and have that problem regularly) but can't wait to go out walking in the rain!!

Posted by  •  10th January 2018

* * * - -

A rare let down from Seasalt

As a regular Seasalt customer for the last 6 years (virtually my entire wardrobe is from Seasalt) it is very rare that I am really disappointed by something from Seasalt, but this was sadly one of those occasions.

I already own two original Seafollys in size 16 (a mustard one purchased in September 2013 and a poppy one purchased in February 2014) These still fit me perfectly and are my spring/autumn go to (my two Janelles take their place in the winter) But I wanted something a bit longer. I've put off trying the longer Seafolly given I have two original ones already, but was tempted by a really good price for the Cornish blue long Seafolly in the sale. So I ordered a 16 for me and an 18 for my mum.

First of all the good - the colour is lovely. Coats arrived well protected by tissue, including covering on the toggles to stop them digging into other items in the order.

Now the bad - Both coats were extremely crumpled, the 16 in particular, and the pockets were bent on the 18. But with some steaming that could be dealt with. However...

...The 16 was ridiculously tight across the bust, and was pressing my chest right down, so I could not breathe properly. I do not have this problem with my original Seafollys in the same size. I thought I would try the 18 on, not as restrictive on the bust but still tight - This should not be the case when I fit my old Seafolly coats with room to spare, unless you have changed your chest sizing Seasalt...Both the 16 and 18 then hung like a sack around my bottom and thighs, I looked like Paddington Bear minus the marmalade sandwiches...

Both coats feel incredibly stiff with a strange smell too, neither of which I remember having with my original Seafollys - I recognise though that my original two were bought in store and so had been hung up for some time, so it is quite possible that the smell would evaporate if hung up for a bit. But the stiffness? I know the coats have been treated so that they are waterproof but they just felt too stiff for me.

As the 18 was tight on me my mum agreed there was no point her even trying the coat on, and so both will be on their way back to Seasalt shortly.

There is no way I am trying a 20 - 1) I'm not a size 20, 2) if the lower half of the 16 and the 18 look like a sack on me, then a 20 is just going to absolutely swamp me.

This is actually my biggest issue with Seasalt clothes (that and the lack of longer length jeans and sailor shirts for my husband) If I have an issue with an item it is usually because the bust is too tight, but sizing up would mean the item is far too big everywhere else. I think I am going to have to settle for a third original Seafolly, assuming the 16 in that still fits...And isn't nearly as stiff as a surf board, with a funny smell...

Posted by  •  9th January 2018


Dear Becka
Thanks so much for your review. One of our Customer Service Team will be in touch with you very shortly.
Best wishes, Seasalt

Fit: True to Size 
* * * * *

Truly Windproof

Love this jacket, great colour, very well made,came nicely packed and feels really good. Does what it claims to and is windproof and waterproof, I recommend it.

Posted by  •  8th January 2018

* * * * *

Lovely coat

Just received this coat which is really lovely quality and a perfect fit on me (I'm an 8-10 on top and it fits perfectly. I'm just not sure about the colour (Cornish) on me which I only ordered because it was on sale to try. I think I'll pop into my local store in Bracknell and try on some of the other colours, I particularly love the yellow and also the marine, just waiting for these to go on sale too!

Posted by  •  4th January 2018

Fit: True to Size 
* * * * *

Love it!

As a larger lady, I always dither over ordering things online that are modelled by a size 8 model thinking that they look good but will I?!! Well, on this occasion, I am so pleased that I took the plunge and ordered. The coat is a perfect fit (true to size), in a beautiful colour (even better cos it was in the sale!) and looks fab (even if I do say so myself!). As a previous reviewer said, it would be lovely if some of the other colours came up on sale ... I would definitely be ordering another one (green please Seasalt!). Am so pleased that I am now tempted to order one of the warmer winter raincoats too!

Posted by  •  3rd January 2018

Seasalt Tin Cloth

Our very own interpretation of an oil skin using hardwearing organic cotton canvas and a high tech waterproofing treatment.

Seasalt Tin Cloth


1. Machine wash at 30°C with NIKWAX TECH WASH to keep your coat clean and breathable.

2. Every few washes, follow the tech wash cycle with another using NIKWAX TK DIRECT WASH IN to restore your garment’s ‘bounce off’ finish.

All our raincoats are...

& fully taped seams

m2 / 24h

Tested on
Cornish cliff tops

Seasalt Raincoat Material

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