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100% Nylon

A roomy parka-style waterproof coat with adjustable waist drawcord so you can cinch in for a flattering, feminine fit. Our Porthchapel Mac is made from durable nylon, with a zip and snap fastening front, turn-back cuffs and generous adjustable hood. It has a fine yarn-dyed stripe, 100% cotton lining on the upper body and hood. Featuring subtle nautical details with a modern twist, this mac is as practical as it is stylish.

Part of the Seasalt RAIN® collection - find out more

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Average customer rating 5 out of 5, based on 30 reviews.

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* * * * *

Mac with style

Loved this coat as soon as I saw it. The colour suits me. Sleeves are long but can be turned up and there is room to wear a thin jumper underneath if needed.
Inside phone pocket fits my iPhone perfectly even with its cover.
I've only worn the coat a few times so far but everyone is complimenting me on how they like the coat and how good the colour is on me. I'm being a good advert for the brand as everyone is asking where I've got it from and no one had hear of you.
I had not heard of SeaSalt until I saw the concession in Newcastle Fenwicks and this is my 2nd purchase and I'm sure it won't be my last.

Posted by Thunderbird  •  21st July 2017

Fit: True to Size 
* * * - -

Insecure pockets

I was so tempted to keep this one actually. It was just a tad bright but the fit was very nice, could have done with a fraction more across the back, but apart from that it was good. If it had had zipped pockets at the front, even with a small phone pocket inside I would have probably kept it. I need my pockets to be secure, they carry oyster cards and phones, wallets, etc. pick pockets are rife, sadly we don't all live or work in Cornwall.

Posted by mandycharlie  •  19th July 2017

Fit: Bigger Fit
* * * - -

gorgeous colour

I haven't yet tried this jacket in the rain so cannot comment on its waterproof rating; however, I am still in 2 minds about this jacket. It is a gorgeous colour, lovely and bright which makes a change from the normal navy blue or black cagoule that were my previous options. The fabric is soft , not noisy and does not crease if screwed up in your rucksack. The length is great, if walking in the rain, the last thing you want is a short jacket that sits on your waist so that your bottom and legs become soaking wet - I have been looking for a long waterproof coat for a long time. It has an adjustable waist toggle so that you can actually be dry in the rain AND have a waist. But it is just not a great fit and I really want it to be. I bought a size 18 (I am usually 16-18 but wanted something that was lightweight but I could put a thick jumper on with if its cold) and maybe the problem is that it is too big; however, the length is right, the hips are right, it fits over my (large) bust - but the sleeves are tight and rather long, even folded up. Worn undone it hangs rather baggily as the waist toggles only stay tightened if you knot them- and worn done up I feel rather like a shapeless green sack. I do need to point out to most clothes designers that the fundamental mistake they make is assuming people who wear larger sizes have the same proportions as those who wear smaller sizes - they don't. If their bust is bigger, the waist needs to be proportionally lower to allow for this - this coat has the drawstring waist between my bust and my waistline, which is not flattering on anyone. Larger sizes does not necessarily equate to gorilla length arms and larger people also have shape, just more of it. I have so wanted a long waterproof coat and this one is so nearly there - it just misses the mark.

Posted by Debs  •  19th July 2017

Fit: True to Size 
* * * * *

Lovely Colour

When I went into your Lyme Regis store today, I fully intended to buy a Seafolly jacket, but this, for me, is so much nicer. I love the softness and lightness of the fabric, and the fact that it hardly creases - it is very comfortable. It is also a better fit on me than the Seafolly - I am pear shaped, the Seafolly was tight on my hips, this is perfect. The shoulders are also just right for me.
The citron colour seems to really suit me, and I already have a scarf that works well with it.
The length is good - I am 5'2" and it is about 4 inches above my knees - quite a bit longer than the Seafolly.
The turn back cuffs are brilliant - I'm not used to being able to buy a coat with sleeves the right length, and yet I think this jacket would also work for taller people.
A small improvement would be a two way zip, and also an internal zipped pocket for credit cards. There is only a phone pocket with a velcro strip.
It's raining today in Lyme, so I can confirm that it is definitely waterproof. I'm so glad I bought it!

Posted by Linda M  •  28th June 2017

Fit: True to Size 
* * * * -

Classy raincoat

Simply love this rain coat. Colour is exactly the shade I wanted. Only criticism is that the hood is too small and doesn't cover my forehead so my hair gets wet at the front unless you draw string it and ruin your hair!.

Posted by Rosie  •  23rd June 2017

Fit: Bigger Fit
* * * - -

Too big

The colour was better than I expected but for me it was way too big at the front. Whilst it just about fitted across my shoulders at the back and with sleeve length, the front was massive, I could have fitted another person in there with me! Shame as I really liked it, but it wasn't right for me.

Posted by Snowflake66  •  12th June 2017

Fit: True to Size 
* * * * *

Excellent buy

It was the gorgeous bright colour that attracted me to this raincoat, which I purchased prior to a trip to Vancouver in early May - where it rained every other day! I've had many compliments and enquiries about where I bought it. It proved to be fully waterproof, was light and comfortable to wear, and it tolerated being bunched up in an overhead luggage compartment for many hours on the plane, emerging only slightly creased. A bit expensive, but worth it!

Posted by Snowqueen  •  9th June 2017

* * * * *

Great mac

I love this Mac! The colour was what attracted me and it lives up to expectations but the quality and comfort is really great. I'm so pleased with it!

Posted by Sally  •  3rd June 2017

Fit: True to Size 
* * * * *

porthchapel mac

lovely design and cuffs. very comfy

Posted by ed  •  24th May 2017

* * * * *

Lovely mac

Citron colour as shown - quite bright! Fabric is soft and much less noisy than similar from other suppliers. Turnback sleeves work well for me as I have narrow shoulders. My only issue is that the phone pocket is too small for my phone, luckily I can sew so I'll adapt it.

Posted by Debbieb  •  22nd May 2017

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