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The Pack It Jacket
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The Pack It Jacket


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Fully waterproof, windproof and breathable

So that unexpected rain showers would never get the better of us again, we designed this totally waterproof but very portable raincoat. The thigh-length Pack It Jacket packs away nice and small, inside its own pocket, so it’s perfect for festivals, camping trips and all manner of adventures. It has taped seams and an elasticated hood offering great coverage in wet weather, patch pockets and large feature buttons. Choose from a range of unique Seasalt prints. Part of the Seasalt RAIN® collection - find out more.

To keep your Seasalt RAIN® coat performing at its best, wash with Nikwax Tech Wash® and reproof with Nikwax TX Direct®

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Average customer rating 5 out of 5, based on 296 reviews.

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Fit: True to Size 
* * * - -

Not a Pac a Mac

When it arrived tried it on OK. Very creased.
However when I tried to get it back in the pocket, it was most difficult, gave up after 20 mins.
It should come with a bag.
Had to return it, and after a week am still awaiting a refund!

Posted by  •  15th June 2019


Hi Motoring Gal,
Thank you for reviewing the Pack It Jacket. We're sorry to hear that it wasn't perfect for you this time and I can confirm that you're refund has been processed.
We're sorry that the jacket was creased on arrival, it can be ironed on a low setting but I'll pass your comments to the relevant team to look into.
We'll ensure your feedback is passed to the design team about the packing; we do have a video available online with instructions, so we're really sorry if you missed this.
We've got some other beautiful raincoats in our collection which might just be perfect so do take a look...
Best wishes Seasalt

Fit: True to Size 
* * * - -

Pack it jacket...not?

At the moment I’m joining with others about the packing. Like the jacket, and would probably rate it higher, but can’t fine the video to help with folding it up into the pocket. I’ve clicked on the link and typed it in carefully. Could there not be a video added to the one with all the pictures, or along with the care/ Nikki wax information? At the moment I’m about to head out into possible showery weather and would really like to make use of it! Frustrating.

Posted by  •  15th June 2019


Hi Ann,
Thanks for taking the time to review the Pack It Jacket, but we're really sorry you were unable to find the instruction video, which can be found by scrolling down to the final photo on the item page. I'll ensure that the relevant team are notified about this.
To maintain your coat’s optimum performance, we recommend two products manufactured by a company called Nikwax. One of the products called ‘Nikwax Tech Wash’ can be used an alternative to your usual non-biological detergent. This product washes the coat properly, removing all the dirt from the microscopic pores so the coat remains breathable – we suggest you use this every time you wash it.
The other product we suggest is ‘Nikwax TX Direct Wash-in’ which helps to restore the ‘bounce out’ waterproofing finish on the coat, enabling the rain to bead and run off.
There will be more detailed instructions on the bottles, however, please don’t combine the products in your machine as they must be used in two separate washes – using them together will cause a glue like effect and will ruin your beautiful coat!
We hope this helps and you are able to enjoy wearing your lovely jacket.
Best wishes Seasalt

Fit: True to Size 
* * * - -

Pocket Pack-it or not to Pocket Pack-it?

Whilst I like the jacket and the idea that it folded into its own pocket is the reason I bought it, but how on earth do you get it into the pocket? I have watched the Seasalt video (which runs too fast to follow) and I have spent almost an hour trying to get the jacket into its own pocket. Disappointing. I would rather it came with a little matching bag.

Posted by  •  14th June 2019


Hi Otford Duck
Thanks for your review and feedback about your Pack It Jacket, but we're sorry for the problem you had with packing it away. We'll be sure to pass your feedback on to the relevant team for consideration.
We hope you have managed to resolve this, but if you would prefer to return it to us, we have a 'no quibble' refund policy so we'll arrange your refund just as soon as we receive it.
Best wishes Seasalt

* * * - -

Potentially useful Mac

This was my first purchase from sea salt. I liked the pattern on the Mac very much when it arrived but unfortunately the first Mac had a manufacturing defect on the front button interface. Luckily I was able to return it to the store to get a replacement in time for my holiday. I can’t comment on the quality of the waterproofing yet but I was a bit disappointed about the quality control.

Posted by  •  11th May 2019


Hi Helen,
Thank you so much for taking the time to review your Pack It Jacket but we're really sorry to hear that the first one you bought wasn't perfect. We work really hard to make sure our garments are of the best quality, however when something doesn't meet the high standard that we'd expect we aim to resolve it promptly for you; we're glad you were able to resolve this issue in store and were able to receive a replacement in time for your holiday. Rest assured, we'll pass your feedback on to the relevant team for their consideration.
Best wishes

Fit: Bigger Fit
* * * - -


The first jacket I ordered was way too big. I found it impossible to repack in the pocket so returned it without doing so. The second order was a reasonable fit and I liked the pattern and the weight but again impossible to refit in the pocket so kind of defeated the purpose of a packit jacket. However I shall keep it.

Posted by  •  9th May 2019


Thanks for your review of The Pack It Jacket, sorry you're finding it difficult to fold back into the pocket. We've created a short 'how to' video showing the easiest way to fold the jacket. This can be viewed via the website here I hope this helps, but any problems please get in touch.
Best wishes, Seasalt

Fit: True to Size 
* * * - -


After reading all the positive reviews about this rain jacket, I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of my order, and looking forward to wearing the jacket. However, when the item arrived, I was surprised at how flimsy the material felt and although the design motif was unusual, the raincoat itself did nothing for me. I felt that the hood was ill-fitting and didn't feel comfortable. I agree with other comments regarding the time it would take to re-pack into its pocket!
Unfortunately, I returned it as I did not consider it worth the price.

Posted by  •  4th May 2019


Dear Carolann
Thank you for reviewing the Pack It Jacket. We're sorry to hear that it wasn't perfect for you this time and of course we'll arrange a 'no quibble' refund for you.
We'll ensure that your feedback is passed to the design team for their future consideration.
We've got some beautiful Raincoats in our new collection. The Reversible Raincoat might just be perfect so do take a look...
Best wishes

Fit: True to Size 
* * * - -

a fairly good jacket that could be better

I am pleased with my new jacket and unlike other reviewers I like the buttons, preferring them to a zip - I don't care for zips in coats or jackets as scarves can be easily snagged and buttons give you more options: eg. you can just button at the top. However, the hood is too small! At least another cm would be needed to make this fit me. I have curly hair, the hood just does not suit anyone with hair bigger than lanky. As the hood is small it does not protect my glasses from rain. So now if it's really chucking it down I am going to have to use an umbrella. Hmm... the design is pattern is pleasant enough, I was not buying this for a fashion statement. But shame I can't keep my hair or glasses/face dry.

Posted by  •  22nd October 2018

Fit: True to Size 
* * * - -

Pack it

I chose the sunflowers jacket which co-ordinates well and is a pretty print. My usual size fitted well and I liked the shape. However, I returned the jacket for the same reason as many others, the packing. I followed the on-line tutorial successfully but felt that this would be awkward when out and about.

Posted by  •  16th July 2018

Fit: Small Fit
* * * - -

Slightly disappointing

It would be useful to say clearly that the jacket is blue, because several photos look grey and that it what I really wanted, though the blue is perfectly attractive. I usually buy XL sizes, but my measurements fitted the size described on thee website. Really though it's rather tight. The XL size would have been much too big. First time I've had this problem with Seasalt! The buttons are very big and the buttonholes small, so fastening the jacket is a rather lengthy process - not good if you want to slip it on quickly in the rain! Haven't actually worn the jacket yet, but didn't want to return it because I haven't seen a similar jacket which looks attractive rather than a hiking outfit.

Posted by  •  7th June 2018

* * * - -

Needs a packing diagram!

Gorgeous pattern of rain clouds but impossible to pack back into its pocket even with the written instructions! I find myself getting damp rather than facing having to fold it back up when out and about, because it takes a flat surface, the printed instructions and three or four attempts to get it right. Visual diagrams please and then I'd give it 5 stars!

Posted by  •  3rd June 2018

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