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Seasalt Cornwall


As Seasalt has grown, so too has our need to find new and efficient ways of easing our burden on the planet.

We thrive on thinking differently; always innovating and challenging ourselves to explore new ideas and technologies that will reduce our impact on the environment.

Seasalt Cornwall

Seasalt ReLoved

We believe our clothing has more to give after you’ve finished wearing it.

Too good to go to waste, Seasalt ReLoved creates a new chapter for Seasalt clothes that have been loved and lived in, helping us close the loop and sow the seeds for a better future. 

A lighter touch

Living and working by the sea is a daily reminder to do better by our planet.

We’re hugely proud of our shop on Castle Street in Norwich, as it’s a showcase for the ways we’re innovating to protect our natural world.

Seasalt Cornwall
Seasalt Cornwall

Innovative technology

We design our products with love and care, working closely with our suppliers to ensure the highest quality.

In 2021, we’ll begin using new technologies to produce 3D sampling. The goal is simple: transporting fewer samples into the business will reduce waste.

Our Innovation commitments

  • 3D Sampling Technology
    3D sampling to be implemented across suppliers to reduce environmental impact through emissions and waste.
  • Reclamation Programme
    Roll out a full clothing takeback scheme by 2022.