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At Seasalt, we’re lucky to be part of a thriving community that loves to come together to create, give back and be inspired.

We’re fortunate to see this sentiment brought to life every day as people across our Seasalt family come together to make a difference by getting involved with our initiatives.

Seasalt Cornwall

Seasalt Giving

Seasalt has always actively supported charities that make a difference, both nationally and closer to home.

Our aim with Seasalt Giving is to make a meaningful contribution, both financially and creatively, to the charities and communities closest to our hearts.

Seasalt Volunteering

Our Seasalt Volunteering programme offers everybody across our business the chance to take a day out to support local charities.

Since launching in 2018 we’ve volunteered over 4000 hours with over 130 charities.

We’re proud to be able to pitch in and by 2025, we hope to have given 20,000 volunteering hours to help support causes that encourage us to look after ourselves, each other and the world around us.

Seasalt Cornwall
Seasalt Cornwall

Window Stories

Wherever possible, our window displays are crafted from recyclable, reusable or reclaimed materials to minimise their environmental impact.

But the story doesn’t end there. Each Seasalt shop helps to give window artwork a new lease of life at the end of each season by donating it to their community.

Make, Mend, recycle

Our vibrant community of modern creatives come together to share ideas, tips and tutorials to inspire you to give new life to your clothes.

Whether it’s by repairing, reimagining or repurposing, there’s always a way to add another chapter to the story of the pieces you love.

Seasalt Cornwall

Our Community commitments

  • £1 million donation to charity
    We have pledged to donate £1 million to Mind, our chosen charity, by 2025.
  • 20,000 volunteering hours   
    Employees across Seasalt to achieve 20,000 volunteering hours for local communities by 2025.