We love getting real Seasalt families to try our latest collections. Over the last year, 25 wonderful mums, aunts, daughters and sisters have visited our photo studio in Falmouth for a fun day of chatting, nibbles, giggles and trying-on.

For versatile outfit inspiration, look no further.

Meet our Seasalt families…


Kate from our customer service team and her mum Nettie


Heather from our product team and her mum, Jane.

Heather's just got a new puppy called Pip, who's Pepé's little sister! So we couldn't resist getting our co-founders, Neil and Sophie, and their gorgeous Pepé in for a few photos all together...

New puppy Pip and Heather with Sophie and Pepé

Heather, Jane, Neil and Sophie with Pip and Pepé

Samantha Gunn from our Human Resources team & her mum Diana


Victoria from our product team, her mum, Sally and mother-in-law, Kath

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