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Sea shanties are a strong part of our maritime heritage and still very much thriving today.

We're proud sponsors of the Falmouth Sea Shanty Fesival, where groups come from across the globe to celebrate and safeguard this strong coastal tradition. The town is filled with music, singing and infused with a great community spirit.

The 2016 festival was the biggest and best to date. The performance schedule saw 59 groups descend over 23 venues and we saw our biggest crowds yet, with an estimated 40,000 visitors!

Next Festival:
16th – 18th JUNE 2017

Picture of the Fiurehead Sea Shanty Group

Figurehead, the group who will be signing for Seasalt at Port Eliot Festival.


In the 'hey day' of sail around the 19th Century, shanties were working on songs whose strong rhythms helped sailors and fishermen to work together whilst they hosted sails, hauled nets and raised the anchor.

Nowadays shanties are still sung in and around coastal communities and for many, singing or listening to them gives a strong sense of community and preserving our nautical hiertiage. For others it's just a perfect excuse to get together with friends and get those feet stomping along to the music! And who are we to argue?

Seasalt illustration of a boat and some waves
Falmouth International Sea Shanty Festival Logo

With most of our shops in coastal towns and our designs inspired by Cornwall, maritime heritage is a really big part of what makes Seasalt unique. We're delighted to support this special festival and help to celebrate the tradition of sea shanty singing and the best of our coastal communities.

We also have close ties to two very talented sea shanty groups - The Tavy Tars and The Exmouth Shanty Men. They perform at lots of our Seasalt events, such as shop birthdays or new shop openings, which gets everyone toe tapping along and gives a real nautical buzz on these special days.

Watch the Exmouth Shanty Men sing!

The Tavy Tars sea shanty group

The Tavy Tars performing in our Isles of Scilly shop

For more information on our shanty friends visit:

Seasalt illustration of two sea shanty singers