Made from the fibres of the flax plant, linen is one of the oldest textiles in the world. It has a beautiful unique texture as a result of its characteristic slubs (or small knots) which occur naturally along the length of the fibre.

Garments made from linen have been highly prized throughout history for their longevity and exceptional coolness in hot weather. It’s naturally absorbent and breathable, and the extra-long fibres of linen make it strong and durable.

Seasalt linen is of the highest quality, so as well as being naturally cool, our linen garments have a wonderful softness and drape, and feel great next to your skin.



All our plain linen is garment-dyed, which means the style is made first and then dyed as a finished piece. The special dying and wash process we use gives each garment a unique colour with a sun-faded look and outstanding softness. This fabric gets even softer and smoother with age; the more you wear it, the more beautiful it becomes.


Our unique Seasalt prints look stunning on woven linen, and there are some really eye-catching new designs this season. Our printed linen dresses are easy to dress up and make the perfect, cool and comfortable, choice for a special summer occasion.


You can’t beat one of our nautical, slouchy linen knits for effortless
throw-on style. Knitted linen and linen-cotton is incredibly comfortable to wear; the fabric is created from one continuous piece of yarn, which gives it a bit of natural stretch. It drapes beautifully to help create a flattering silhouette, and is less prone to wrinkling than pure woven linen.


Perfect for cool, drapey T-shirts and relaxed long-sleeved tops, our lightweight linen-cotton blend jersey fabric offers the best of both – it’s stronger than cotton, even softer than pure linen, and has a little natural stretch for ease of movement.


Look out for our beautiful woven linen-cotton blends too. Combining the natural texture and lustre of linen with the softness of woven cotton results in a fabric with a slightly weightier drape and a really premium feel. We often use it for versatile jackets, dresses and tunics.


We love the unique texture, character and performance of linen so much, we developed an exclusive waterproof 100% linen fabric from scratch. Like all our RAIN fabrics, it’s breathable and the rain runs straight off thanks to our clever waterproof coatings and fully taped seams. We’re so pleased that the end result looks as distinctive and beautiful as we dreamed, we hope you like it too!


  • Linen is one of the oldest textiles in the world – fragments of dyed flax fibres were found in a cave in Georgia which date back over 36,000 years!
  • Linen sails were used on all the great wooden tall-ships, including those captained by Nelson and Cook.
  • In the early 20th century, a well-dressed gentleman wouldn’t be seen dead without a pressed and folded linen handkerchief inserted into the chest pocket of his suit jacket.
  • Linen is virtually lint free, antistatic, hypoallergenic and naturally insect-repellent.
  • Flax yarns and fabrics increase about 20% in strength when they’re wet (which is why linen garments are so long lasting).
  • Linen is also treasured by artisan bakers. Known as a ‘baker’s couche’, a flax cloth is used to hold dough into shape while it rises to give baguettes a proper chewy, crunchy crust. Yum!