How to CARE for your DENIM

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Our beloved jeans, chambray shirts and handy denim skirts – what would we do without them?

Made from the best quality cotton we can find, Seasalt denim is always beautifully soft, yet hardwearing. Like cooking, using the best raw ingredients makes all the difference when it comes to making the perfect pair of jeans!

Close up photograph of the waistband of a pair of Seasalt denim jeans

With all the little details you’d expect, like nautical buttons and rivets, and fun embroidery on the pockets featuring anchors, ropes or gig boats.

And when it comes to comfort, style and fit, we like to keep things simple. There’s no need to sit in a cold bath or forgo washing for the perfect fit! Our jeans and fitted denim skirts often contain a little added stretch, which gives absolute comfort and the best possible fit that lasts.

An essential part of our design process is rigorous wearer-testing of every new style. Our design team depend on this to make sure the cut is spot on, and flattering for all shapes and sizes.

We’re proud to offer exceptional denim garments that will get better and better with age - if you look after them well!

Photograph of a model wearing a Seasalt denim skirt, walking along the Camel River
Picture of a model wearing Seasalt denim jeans and a sweatshirt on location at Helland Bridge
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Our Senior Garment Technologist, Sarah, noted down some top tips on how to care for our denim (what she doesn’t know about denim isn’t worth knowing)!

Sarah's top DENIM CARE tips

Buy Seasalt denim! It’s top quality, cut to flatter & made to last. Our stretch denim is really comfortable and retains its shape (so no need to tumble dry it after wearing to get it back in shape!)

Always wash your denim inside out, on a cool wash (a 30 degree cycle would be perfect)

Use a non-biological detergent & wash with similar (dark) colours

Avoid the tumble dryer to preserve your denims’ lifespan and avoid damaging the elastane content in stretch denims. Instead, line dry your denim naturally

Also, avoid dry-cleaning. The harsh chemicals used can weaken the fabric (and put a dent in your purse!)

Slight fading after prolonged washing and wearing is a natural occurrence in denim, due to its unique dye method, but this should be embraced! Nothing beats the look of a perfectly worn-in pair of jeans!

Enjoy looking and feeling fabulous in your trusty Seasalt denim for years to come!

Close up photograph of a pair of Seasalt denim jeans with signature anchor style stitching
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