Seasalt Locally Made Collection - by artisan craftspeople

Our ‘locally made’ products are made by small producers in the UK.
Each has a story to tell, whether from the artisan craftspeople who make them or via the materials and traditional designs used.
We're proud to support these small scale producers. If you make a product that you think we can sell please let us know.

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Unique handmade luxury chocolate

Deliciously moreish chocolate, handmade right here in Cornwall. Made with sustainably sourced cocoa, in a variety of tempting flavours.

Seasalt stationary made in the UK

Seasalt stationery, perfect for sketching Cornish views and scribbling down notes, all made in the UK.

Cornish greeting cards by Seasalt artists

Printed in Cornwall and designed by our in-house Seasalt artists.

Cornish art by Seasalt artists

Created by our in-house Seasalt Artists, inspired by their Cornish surroundings. Printed in Cornwall.

Leach Potter and Seasalt ceramics collection

An exclusive collection of pottery hand thrown in St. Ives, Cornwall.

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