We've always tried to carry on our business in a fair and honest way, right from the early days in Penzance, and as we’ve grown we’ve always tried to maintain these standards. Here’s what we do...


We do our best to ensure that all Seasalt products are made in modern and safe environments. We are increasing the amount of products we manufacture locally in the South West, Guernsey and across the UK, through our Locally Made project. It is our aim that all our suppliers, whether in the UK or abroad, share our commitment to our working standards and we ask each of them to comply with our Purchasing Policy.

We also seek to follow the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) base code which summarises the labour standards towards which we aim to hold ourselves and our suppliers accountable.


We are committed to improving and maintaining our environmental performance. From an early stage we realised that for Seasalt to have the least impact on the environment we needed to focus on the products we produce. It isn’t always possible to use environmentally friendly materials but around 60% of our cotton collection is organic and we're always looking for recycled or sustainable alternatives.

Read our Environmental Policy and to see what we're doing to continue as an environmentally responsible business.


Seasalt is committed to being a socially responsible business. We recognise that our activities have a direct impact on the wellbeing of our employees, customers, suppliers and wider communities in the places where we run our shops.

We use local suppliers whenever we can and we work with our local community on initiatives to protect our environment. You can read our Social Responsibility Policy.


Ethics Report

Purchasing Policy

Slavery & Human Trafficking Statement

ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative) Base Code

Environmental Policy

Social Responsibility Policy

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