Our Scilly adventures took us to the flower-filled shores of St Martins. Framed by glittering turquoise seas, the archipelago’s most northerly inhabited island is known for its pristine beaches and fragrant narcissi fields.

St Martin's, Isles of Scilly

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Yellow Cheers, Scilly Valentines and Silver Chimes – narcissi have been grown here for generations, thriving in the mild climate and soil enriched by seaweed. They are harvested by hand from a patchwork of little flower fields, bordered by evergreen hedges that act as wind breaks.

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On the island’s north shore, the white sweep of Great Bay appears to sparkle, thanks to tiny quartz particles in the sand. It’s a daytime echo of the awe-inspiring night skies, when the sun goes down on Scilly.

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On our field trip to the island of St Martin’s we sketched the patchwork narcissi fields, basked in the fields of green and yellow, and looked out over the waters at the surrounding archipelago.

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Inspired by the slow-paced Scilly lifestyle, we created light, linen styles, jersey basics in sea blues and floral-print midi dresses.

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