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Fruity Jumper

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MSS March 2018
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80% Merino, 20% Nylon

A stylishly oversized jumper in autumnal Seasalt colours. Our Fruity Jumper is made from the softest merino yarn and knitted in a neat, textured garter stitch. Designed for a really relaxed fit, it has a wide, round neckline with a rolled edge finish. The rib trimmed, step back hem means it’s slightly longer at the back. Perfect with everything from jeans to printed skirts.

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Average customer rating 4 out of 5, based on 84 reviews.

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* - - - -

A 'don't buy'

This jumper bobbles so badly. I loved the colour but after a few wears it is only fit to garden in it looks so scruffy. It doesn't deserve one anchor.

Posted by  •  17th March 2018

* * - - -

Still bobbling

I bought 3 fruity jumpers in maple, water and bay . I bought them at full price considering them a wardrobe staple and thinking I would get a lot of use from them . I returned the water one as the hem stitching unravelled before I had washed it . The others I have hand washed carefully several times . I expected some initial bobbling as they are merino wool but despite de bobbling them each they are still bobbling horrendously and I have now noticed that they are looking quite worn in areas that bobble most. They look very scruffy now and I despite loving the styles and colours at sea salt I would not buy jumpers from sea salt again .

Posted by  •  1st March 2018


Dear Nana Linda,
Thanks for your review of the Fruity Jumper; so sorry you feel this way. One of our Customer Service Team will be in contact with you very shortly.
Best wishes, Seasalt

* * * * -

Shame about the bobbles!

I bought this jumper in yellow and green. They both feel lovely and are so comfortable but what a shame they bobble so badly. I would have thought that technology could have sorted this by now.

Posted by  •  20th February 2018


Dear Rosie,
Thanks for your review of the Fruity Jumper; the bobbles that appear are easily picked off, either by hand or with a ‘bobble’ remover. Whilst it initially can be a nuisance, rest assured the yarn Seasalt use is of a very high quality, the ‘bobbling’ will decrease with wear.
If you’d like to discuss further, please call our friendly customer service team on 01326 640075 or pop onto Live Chat on our website at we can talk through further with you.
Best wishes, Seasalt

Fit: True to Size 
* - - - -

Buyer beware

I too purchased 2 jumpers one in turquoise and the other in green.. They are not cheap. The turquoise one wouldn't fit my 9 year old grandaughter after its 2nd wash. I washed it originally using the pillowcase method successfully but it was an epic fail the second time. The piling makes it look really scruffy. I expected better quality.

Posted by  •  15th February 2018


Dear Ringo’s Mum,

Thanks for your review of the Fruity Jumper, sorry to hear your jumper shrank in the washing machine. These jumpers can only be gently hand washed as per the instructions on care label. Providing all washing directions are followed carefully you shouldn’t experience any shrinkage during the washing process.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any further questions at all, we’ll be very happy to help on 01326 640075 or over Live Chat on our website at

Best wishes, Seasalt

Fit: True to Size 
* * * - -

Fruity Jumoer

Very happy with jumper and fit. My only comment would be that it bobbles really really badly. I know this can be ‘dealt’ with but it takes time and effort so an occasional wear rather than regular.

Posted by  •  12th February 2018

* * * * *

lovely jumper

these jumpers are really very nice , they are stylish and warm and the colours are lovely I have bought several of them this year and am very pleased with them. the fact that the jumpers bobble is not a problem for me as I have several ways to deal with that if I find that it happens, I have however found that I have needed to order more than one size in the various colours to get the correct fit I need, but as I usually buy on line I suppose this is to be expected. I am really very pleased with this item and may yet get more if other colours become available.

Posted by  •  11th February 2018

Fit: Bigger Fit
* * * * *

Absolute love

When I first saw this jumper online, I knew I had to have it. Everything I've ever wanted in a jumper-lovely colours/oversize and slubby/curved hem/drop shoulder/lovely material. Yes, there was piling, but this is common with all my good quality jumpers. I bought 2; in the mustard and bay colours. Am normally a size UK6-UK8 but purposely bought 2 sizes up for an even slouchier look. lots of compliments and very warm jumpers. Please continue to make them AND I look forward to even more 'fruity' colours.

Posted by  •  10th February 2018

Fit: Bigger Fit
* * - - -

Problems with pilling

The jumper is a lovely colour, soft and warm. But as everyone else has said, it pills excessively and trousers/skirts/coats/jackets are quickly covered with fluff. Not sure that I subscribe to the argument that this is a sign of good quality as I have several 'good quality' jumpers and none shed like this. Practical factors like this need resolving if there is a £60 price tag.

Posted by  •  8th February 2018

Fit: True to Size 
* * * * -

Well worth buying - but.....

I have the green jumper, lovely colour but it does have it's faults you need to think about when buying - it bobbles, and I found my black trousers covered with green wool after sitting working at the laptop for the afternoon - overcome by buying a de-bobbler if you don't already have one - essential for all SS woollen garments - and I have 5. The other problem is washing. SS insist you must hand wash to avoid shrinkage - totally safe advice, but not practical for most people's lives. I get around the rule 'no washing machine' by putting a woollen item in a pillow case, putting it in the washing machine along with 2 hand towels. These protect the wool and stop the fibres rubbing together. I use a special wool liquid intended for washing wool in a washing machine, and set the machine for the 'hand wash' setting at 30 degrees. Once completed I dry the jumper flat and shaped on the ironing board. I have had no problems with this method, found by googling, but obviously it's your own decision as what you do.
The jumper itself could be longer. The sleeves don't get wet when you are doing the washing up ! It is too thick to layer with something over it, so thinking how to wear it needs considering - with single colour tights you need a scarf or necklace to create the look. 2 blocks of plain colour do not do justice to a good range of colours in this design.

Posted by  •  4th February 2018


Dear Cathy,
Thanks for your review of the Fruity Jumper; the use of a de-bobbler is perfect advice, and it makes any woollen jumper ‘like new’. Your washing tip sounds great, I must point out Seasalt cannot recommend this washing process, as we are unable to guarantee that all makes of washing machine will have a cycle as gentle as yours. The outcome may not always be a happy ending!
If you’d like to discuss further please call our friendly customer service team on 01326 640075 or pop onto Live Chat on our website at
Best wishes, Seasalt.

Fit: Small Fit
* - - - -

Very disappointed fit for the recycle bin

Firstly I wish I had seen the reviews before buying this jumper. I bought two and loved the colours and I am or was a high purchaser of SS. However I am extremely disappointed with these items. Firstly I wore the mustard one and loved the colour fit etc. After just a couple of wears there was the most awful piling. Being an accomplished crafts woman and used to knitting quality product I was surprised at the amount of pile but as it said on the main label and the care label prone to pile so I gently removed them again and again with a pile remover. There came the time when I had to wash the product and followed washing in cool water by hand. I did however as explained to customer services that I put it in a pillow and gave a gentle spin as the item was heavy and water to dry without it pulling out of shape. I did think it looks smaller when I had it in the bowl but thought I would give! It is now however a matted shrunken item of clothing that is only fit for the recycle bin. I contacted SS and although the customer service were charming it was decided that nothing would be done and no refund to be give. I had to date not worn the second one I bought in Water but have asked for a refund as I feel the item is not fit for purchase although it is out of the 28 day. I have yet to have a reply.

Interestingly reading reviews and the question of Chinese merino wool and SS saying it was not it says clearly 'Made in China' which if the washing instructions are to be followed to the letter this is correct as the item of origin and manufacture?

Although I think SS have great items of clothing my confidence in the product has gone and do not feel inclined to be purchasing anything else at the moment.

A little confused as to how to mark fit was big now very small........

Posted by  •  2nd February 2018


Dear westbayshopper,
Thanks for your review of the Fruity Jumper; we appreciate your feedback and your comments have been passed to the relevant team for their attention. I understand our Customer Services team are already in contact with you to agree a suitable resolution.
With regards to the country of origin for our Merino Wool; I can confirm we source the wool from South Africa to ensure that it is of premium quality. We comply with EU labelling legislation which requires us to provide the country of manufacturing and not where individual components were sourced from.
Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any further questions at all, we’ll be very happy to help on 01326 640075 or over Live Chat on our website at

Best wishes, Seasalt

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