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Quick Sketch Dress

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100% Cotton

A simple, sleeveless dress with a flattering fit and flare shape. Our Quick Sketch Dress is woven from cotton dobby fabric with a slight texture. It falls below the knee and is finished with a scoop neck and side seam pockets. The original print is inspired by the artists of St Ives and shapes in the harbour.

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Average customer rating 5 out of 5, based on 38 reviews.

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Fit: Bigger Fit
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best dress of 2020

Dear Seasalt,

This is the only dress I bought during 2020 despite checking the collections on a monthly basis.
I only buy summer dresses from Seasalt, and you started selling summer dresses extremely late this year.

It is more and more difficult to find straight cut cotton dresses for petite frame.

I think tall people are lucky to find Something from seasalt, they can choose between petite, regular and tall dresses and petite frame women have a big difficulty as all dresses are far too long.
In all brand I am size 12-14petite, for Seasalt I must order 10-12 petite.

Sizes are extremely BIG.

Is this to give the false impression that people can fit into a small size?

Please sell this dress in 5 different prints, I will come back to look for it during 2021 spring.

Posted by  •  19th November 2020

* * * * *

Beautiful dress

Well what can I say yet another beautiful dress from Seasalt so pleased I ordered this dress. The fit is perfect, the material is beautiful everything about this dress is amazing I feel like a million dollars in it and that’s only after trying it on when it arrived! Can’t wait to wear it. The colours are amazing lol as you can tell I am so pleased with this dress.
Seasalt is my ‘go to’ site when I need/want a new item of clothing just wished I’d have found this shop years ago !

Posted by  •  29th October 2020

Fit: True to Size 
* * * * *

Abstract dress

Beautiful fit, gorgeous abstract print. Love it!

Posted by  •  13th October 2020

Fit: True to Size 
* * * * *

So Retro - continued

I submitted a review on this absolutely beautiful retro-styled dress some time ago and so far it has not appeared. So disappointing! I so much wanted to let others know that it fits like a glove, and even with my average height it works for me in the tall version. The silhouette of the dress in the longer length is far more flattering too, unless you have a great pair of legs perhaps?! The cut of this dress is really perfection, more like this please!

My only concern with the dress I received was that It can be difficult on dresses with large motifs to match up the top and bottom of the dress so that the pattern works well at the join, and the curse with my photographer's eye is that I do unfortunately spot any colour/shape imbalances! When I did my first attempted review I was wondering whether to try a second dress, but was concerned that I might not improve upon the first one! After a few days thinking about it I did send off for another one, which turned out to be better as regards the balance of motifs. It was also fractionally larger, which I thought would be cooler in the heat and gave the potential for a vest or long-sleeved T-shirt underneath. So definitely worth doing! The cut/silhouette still perfection.

Please note that I have submitted a very positive review of another very different dress, which is also not yet showing on your website. I feel that you might be losing sales on these and other garments if you are putting everyone's reviews on the website so late. So unlike you Seasalt to be less than perfection! You are really such a brilliant company and I only enjoy singing your praises.

Posted by  •  24th September 2020


Dear Salty Toes,

Thank you so much for your glowing review of the Quick Sketch Dress, we are so pleased to hear that you love it.
We're really sorry that your reviews haven't appeared up until now, we are working on this and catching up!

Thank for again for taking the time to submit these, we are thrilled that you love your new clothes!

Best wishes,
The Seasalt Team

* * * * *

So retro!

Fits like a glove, perfect shape and the “tall” length selected was also perfect. I am definitely average height by the way, so the standard length would not have been anything like as good on me.

I was sad that the “tall” length was not available in the shops, partly because I always prefer to buy in a shop (use it or lose it) and partly because I can then select the dress which is best for me, particularly dresses with large patterns, as these patterns can alter the look of the dress depending on where parts of the colours and features fall. That’s the curse of being a photographer, it makes you very aware of composition and balance of colours and shapes!

The dress which arrived through the post this morning has a bit of an issue in the way the pattern falls, as the top and skirt of the dress look like they are made out of different cuts of material, and some shapes/colours are gathered together in a noticeable way. I am not sure whether to try a second dress in the same size but this one fits so perfectly it is tempting to keep it in case a replacement was not so good in size or pattern. I am not deducting a star as this dress may be as near perfect as any large patterned dress can be, and I love it.

Please do more retro styles, they are great. Well done as ever, Seasalt, and how you manage to keep evolving in such an interesting way is an on-going revelation.

Posted by  •  2nd September 2020

Fit: True to Size 
* * * * *


The only problem with this dress is that I want to wear it every single day. People might get a little tired of seeing me in it.

Posted by  •  20th August 2020

Fit: True to Size 
* * * * *

Piece of Art

The dress is truly a work of art. The print is beuatiful. It is very unique and the colours are very complementary to my skin tone, eyes, and hair.

The dress fits as if it were tailored made for me. It is one of the most flattering dresses I have ever owned. In autumn, I shall say goodbye to my 50s and start a new decade. This dress makes my figure look as if I am 25 years old again! It is that flattering. (I have the size 10.)

The cotton material is very breatheable (perfect for my clime in the US of outrageously hot and humid summers into autumn months) yet it is not see-through as so many clothes are these days.

The cut and style of this dress is all that a dress ought to be. The arm holes are neither too large nor too small. There is no gaping at the arm holes or around the neck. I love that Seasalt truly understands women and adds pockets to its garments.

Since discovering Seasalt clothing (an a couple of Irish brands), I have stopped buying American brand clothing. The fit, styles, quality of material and craftsmanship are superior. (I only wish that the shipping fee to the US was not so steep, but such is life.)

This dress is perfect for a summer outing in town, a day at the office, a wedding or social gathering.

To say that I love this dress is an understatement.

Posted by  •  10th August 2019

* * * * *

Great dress

My dress arrived this morning.. what a fantastic fitting dress, size 16 regular length, perfect in every way. Highly recommend 👍🏻

Posted by  •  5th August 2019

Fit: Bigger Fit
* * * - -

Lovely dress just not for me

This is a lovely dress, but after two dresses (this and the Belle one) that both just make me look top heavy, frumpy and are far too long (even in petite, since SS make larger sizes longer - why?), I have accepted they just aren't for me.

The dress itself is lovely, albeit for £70, I would have expected a slightly more thicker material - in the light, this was somewhat see-through, AKA a Princess Di moment.

The dress in a size 14 fit, but it seems SS size up as I am more of a 16 - any other company a 14 wouldn't have fitted. so this is false vanity sizing, which I find with all SS clothing. Such as I have two size 14 SS rain coats and both are far bigger than a 14. My mum is an 18 in other shops and these fit her fine.

The other issue is petite lengths. Why they feel that for each larger size on the scale, they must add a centimetre or two extra? Aside from the obvious body difference between, say, a 6 and an 18, the length should remain the same. The body size should be accommodated for in the cut . This is the only company I've come across that does this. It's bad enough finding petite lengths that are right, but this is ridiculous.

Ignore the reviews of 'true to size', 'perfect fit' etc, and check out the size guides and compare with what you normally buy from other shops. If you are a 'true' size, you will find you will probably need to size down.

Overall, I like the ethics being SS, but find some items to be valued more than their truth worth. I appreciate you get what you pay for, that these are handmade, organic materials - trust me, I've paid more for high end designer, so cost isn't the issue here - but the fit is paramount, and this is where SS are failing.

Unfortunately, this is now another dress that will be returned. Don't let my review put you off, but if you are unsure, I would recommend going into store, or ordering two sizes for fit.

Posted by  •  30th July 2019


Thank you for your review of the Quick Sketch Dress, I'm sorry to hear that the sizing wasn't perfect for you this time.

If you haven't already done so, you can pop it back to us using the free post label enclosed in your parcel. We have a 'no quibble' refund policy so we'll arrange your refund just as soon as we receive it.

Our petite sizes are in proportion, for example the waistline may be a little higher on dresses. A larger dress size would appear longer on the hanger but once on the body the overall measurements would provide the same length across all sizes.

If it helps, we list detailed measurements on the size guide next to each garment, or if you prefer, our customer service team would be pleased to help with specific sizing queries. Call 01326 640075 or hop onto a chat at www.seasaltcornwall.co.uk

* * * - -

tummy problem

I really like the coulours and print of this dress. It is made from a light, nicely textured material. I tried on a size 14 in the shop and this fit perfectly at the top and the bottom, but sadly it was too tight at the band under the chest, because of my fuller figure. Going up one size meant it fit under the chest, but sadly it now was too wide at the chest and at the bottom. It should be a perfect dress for someone with a flat tummy, but my round tummy prevents me from enjoying this dress for myself.

Posted by  •  24th July 2019


Thank you for your review of the Quick Sketch Dress, I'm sorry to hear that the sizing/style wasn't perfect for you this time.

Do take a look at our new collection, https://www.seasaltcornwall.co.uk/clothing/new-arrivals-clothing, we're sure you'll find another dress that you'll love.

If it helps, we list detailed measurements on the size guide next to each garment, or if you prefer, our customer service team would be pleased to help with specific sizing queries. Call 01326 640075 or hop onto a chat at www.seasaltcornwall.co.uk

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