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Sandsifter Sandal


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100% Leather

You can’t beat a pair of leather sandals for summer. The simple, yet elegant design of our Sandsifter Sandals is easy to wear and looks great with everything from crops and shorts to dresses. The plaited toe strap introduces subtle detail and texture, and we’ve added our special Sea Air® insoles so your feet will stay comfy all day long.

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Average customer rating 4 out of 5, based on 12 reviews.

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Fit: Bigger Fit
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Sandshifter sandal

Love these sandals although they came up large I had to return to the shop for a smaller size

Posted by  •  18th May 2018

Fit: Bigger Fit
* * * * -

Very dissappointed

Lovely sandal, very soft leather and comfy insole but sadly far too big. Ordered same size and always (have several pairs of Seasalt shoes and sandals) but were like boats. Took them back to our local outlet shop who ordered an different style which arrived 2 days later and were great. Great customer service as usual.

Posted by  •  13th May 2018

Fit: Bigger Fit
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not a lot of support/ bit loose

I bought this with another pair with a wider strap - it may be my feet or my age, but I found that I was sliding about in these sandals and there wasn't a lot of support.

I have handed these down to my 15 year old daughter - who loves them - but agrees they aren't supportive enough to wear all day or go on a long walk with. She's happy to have them for wearing out for a few hours.

Our view (we're the same size) is right size in terms of length - but wide fitting.

We both love the look of the sandal though!

Posted by  •  11th May 2018

Fit: True to Size 
* * * * -

It's summer!

Good fit - comfortable on first time wearing!!! important with summer sandals. Now let's hope for sunshine.

Posted by  •  7th May 2018

Fit: True to Size 
* * * * -

Sanndsifter sandal

Very attractive sandal but sadly not wide enough across the instep

Posted by  •  4th May 2018

Fit: Bigger Fit
* * * - -

Heel strap too wide

Comfortable sandals but the heel strap is so loose, it tends to fall off the back of the heel when walking. I am hoping that when my feet are hotter in the summer, they might stay on better. Shame because I like the look and feel of them othewise.

Posted by  •  3rd May 2018

Fit: Bigger Fit
* - - - -

Strap far too big!

I don't usually buy shoes online but liked these, and they were on offer so thought I'd give it a go. I'm a size 4 but sometimes sandals can be too wide so I ordered a size 3 too. Unfortunately both pairs were huge, the strap around the back of your foot is far too long, so you can't keep them on. Sadly I've had to return.

Posted by  •  30th April 2018

* - - - -

Bad design

I so wanted these sandals. I tried them on in my normal size 5, although I'm a 5 and a half in Clarks. The big problem here is that the heel strap is far too big and gapes around your ankle. I have by no means, slim feet and as you step forward the strap just does nothing to stop your heel coming out. I also tried the size 4 but then the toe strap was too tight. Apparently, in the store I visited, I was the third customer with this problem. Please consider for next year rectifying this issue by perhaps using some elastic in the heel strap. I would have bought two pairs but unfortunately, these sandals were a total no no for me.

Posted by  •  22nd April 2018


Dear Betty-Kit,
Thanks for your review of the Sandsifter Sandal; sorry to hear the fit wasn’t perfect for you on this occasion. We have a very robust feedback system in place, so I’ll feed your comments about an elastic heel strap to the relevant team for their future consideration.
Best wishes, Seasalt

Fit: Small Fit
* * * * *

Sandsifter sandal

Unfortunatly I had to return the sandals. Love the design and colour but as another lady said the strap across the front of the foot is rather tight. I was concerned that in the hot weather they would be uncomfortable.
I will probably order another style but living in France it is expensive to return items .

Posted by  •  15th April 2018

* * * * -

Tighter toe strap

A beautiful pair of sandals; really smart looking, very lightweight and comfortable. The toe strap is a little tight on this pair (much like the 'Sunny Cove' sandal - yet not found on the 'Summer Fete' variety) - but I think in time the supple leather will 'give' a little, hopefully freeing up the tightness.

Posted by  •  4th April 2018

Sea air techical drawing

Why walk when you can float?

Often the unsung heroes, every day our feet carry us without complaint from A to B. While they deserve a standing ovation for their tireless service, we think our Sea Air® insoles are a more fitting tribute. Lined with breathable leather, the high-tech soft padding moulds to the unique contours of each foot to provide instant comfort.

  • Hi-tech soft padding for instant comfort
  • Eases pressure on the ball of your foot
  • Moulds to the unique contours of your feet
  • Breathable leather lining
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