riding the Big Waves of Piha

posted on February 28th, 2011 by Emma Raczkowski

Congratulations and a big well done to local Cornish Surf Boat team from Porthtowan who have just returned from representing Great Britain at the World Surfboat Championships in New Zealand! The team reached the final and came in at a fantastic fouth place. Amazing!

The photo below shows the team in mid-race which requires them to power through the ‘Big Waves of Piha’. The race consists of six boats lined up on the beach who then race each other from the beach through the waves and round a designated turning buoy, set out past the breaking waves. The teams then need to catch a wave back in to be the first one back to the beach. Nick Healy, from the Porthtowan team commented “As you can imagine the giant waves of Piha did add a lot of excitement with boats flipping on the way out and on the way in. Some boats didn’t even last the warm up, without smashing their boats to pieces!”.

A big well done to the team from everyone at Seasalt!

If you want to find out more about the Surf Boat team, visit their website at: www.porthtowansurfboat.com

Cornish Surf Boat Team ride the Big Waves of Piha

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protecting the Cornish Pasty

posted on February 24th, 2011 by Emma Raczkowski

So the Cornish Pasty has been given protected status by the European Commission or if you want to give it it’s official title ‘Protected Geographical Status’! As Seasalt lives and breathes Cornwall we are pleased to see recognition for what is for so many a proud symbol.

It’s been a long, long, journey from it’s first sightings deep within the cornish mines to a lunch time filler and beyond. With it’s familiar “D” shape and the crimping mastered by many a great maker it’s safe to say it’s loved buy many here at Seasalt.

Despite it’s protection the details as to it’s content is still a veritable minefield. Chunks of beef or mince? And is that a carrot I spy? Whatever the method from mid-March only those pasties produced in Cornwall can be called Cornish.

And now I’m getting hungry, so if you are out an about in Cornwall here are few of our favourite places to buy and chomp on a real Cornish Pasty!

If you are way way down south on the Lizard Ann’s Pasties is worth a visit and ahoy me hearties I spy a Choaks Pasty in Falmouth! Deep in the heart of the old mining capital of Redruth lies Berrymans and slightly further away I hear an Oggie Oggie from the Pasty Shop in Truro. If you are wandering down the streets of Helston there lies the Horse and Jockey Bakery and legend tells of an eccentric cornish author who each week would send her chauffeur down to Praze-an-Beeble to grab the mighty crimped one, now Philps Bakery.

Wherever you go, enjoy your Cornish Pasty.

Seasalt Blog: Cornish Pasties get Protected Status

thanks from go knit! charity

posted on February 24th, 2011 by Helen

We received a lovely thank you from the Alzheimer’s Society for all the money raised through this year’s Go Knit! All the money raised will help go to support people suffering with forms of dementia as well as supporting their carers.

Many thanks once again to all who took part!

thank you letter from Alzheimer's Society

A collection of coastal colours!

posted on February 23rd, 2011 by sian

Ever wondered how our designers choose the colours for each Seasalt collection? Well…it is a carefully thought out and sometimes messy procedure!

This season’s Seasalt collection is a true reflection of the things we love – pretty colours and prints inspired by the gardens around the Helford River, with fresh nautical references that remind you of happy days by the sea.

To choose the colours for the season, Seasalt designers, Laura and Sophie, donned their rubber gloves and headed to the kitchen to experiment with various dyes,  “Getting the right colour is so important that we spend hours mixing dyes to get the perfect hue”, Sophie explains.

To build the season’s palette, the designers created two ‘colour stories’ for the collection, which they named ‘SALTY DAYS’ and ‘COASTAL GARDENS’.

The SALTY DAYS collection has a very classical, nautical theme.

The colour palette is made up of Deckchair Green, Spice Red, Periwinkle, and Aqua. These colours are all paired with White and Squid Ink to create lots of stripe combinations, classic Breton stripes used for our sailor shirts, and our famous quirky stripe designs which are used for our jersey T-shirts and skirts, which we named Seaweed Stripe and Sea Urchin Stripe.

Pretty prints are brought in to soften the range, with Cliff Bell print, Dandelion Clocks, Samphire, and Thyme print.  Then we have a few quirky prints, Aquarium (which looks like a Liberty floral print, but is seaweed weed and hidden fish), and spotty Handkerchief print, which we have taken from a classic handkerchief design, and used it on floaty Summer dresses and skirts.

Colour and print inspiration for the COASTAL GARDENS collection came from the coastal gardens around Cornwall!

The designers tried to get a really fresh, clean palette with Moss, Fuchsia, Lemon, and Driftwood. Flowers, grasses and seeds found all around our Cornish coastline inspired the prints of this part of the collection, Dune Grass print, Climbing Clematis, Mallows Mist and Sea Pods print.

Getting the colour palettes right for the season is very important to us at Seasalt. We hope you enjoy this season’s coastal colours!

Seasalt Blog - A collection of coastal colours in our designs

fun for the nippers

posted on February 21st, 2011 by Emma Raczkowski

Bright, bold and bursting with summer fun our Seasalt Nippers kidswear is here! Practical, fun and made to last – you can kit them out from top to toe… but more about that very soon.

Right now I’m looking out the window and to be honest I don’t think I’ve seen it rain this much in ages! Of course it should have been expected, it is half-term after all. And as a parent I’d be scratching my head at least once wondering what to do with the little ones until a spec of sun came through and we were out the door!

This being late winter/early spring we thought it would be a great idea if, as part of the Seasalt Nippers launch, we could offer something that would allow you and your nippers to pass the time by being creative. So on our Seasalt website you can find downloadable activities that can be printed at your leisure. The children can have fun colouring  in Sailor Sam and Swimmer Sally or making their own coastal scene thanks to our colour, cut, stick and create pack. They may also want to help Sailor Sam find his ship across the choppy waters or if you need a little help planning their week ahead download our Seasalt Nippers weekly planner.

We would love to see your creative results so do post the masterpieces on our Facebook site!

It’s still raining, but that doesn’t matter when you have plenty to do!

More details on our new Nippers range will be posted here soon so keep an eye on our blog, Facebook or Twitter

Seasalt Nippers fun kids activities

our super spotty scarves have arrived!

posted on February 18th, 2011 by sian

We are so excited that our new Spotty Scarves have arrived that we thought we had to shout about it!

These beautifully chic and elegant scarves are a great way to spruce up any outfit. They are made of lovely lightweight yarn and silk  and they come in 8 fabulous spotty colours.

They are online and in stock now so get yours while you can as they are sure to be a hot Seasalt favourites!

Seasalt Womens Spotty Scarfs

It’s raining cats and dogs! Well…it is in our shop windows.

posted on February 18th, 2011 by sian

Take a look at these photos of the latest Seasalt window designs created by the wonderful Kathryn.

The window designs are inspired by the Seasalt ‘Festival of Rain’ which is our own celebration of our famous ‘British’ weather. The windows feature a selection of the new range of Seasalt waterproof’s, fabulous Tincloth jackets and our vibrant umbrellas.

So next time it’s ‘raining cats and dogs’ where you are, join in with our Festival of Rain, throw on your wellies go splash in some puddles…you’re never too old!

You can see all the photos of the shop window on our Facebook page.

Seasalt Blog Shop Window - Raining Cats and Dogs

now showing for your amusement

posted on February 17th, 2011 by Emma Raczkowski

There are times when it seems we just have far too many wonderful things to announce. So much so that shouting out with pride and excitement seems less than it deserves.

After much brain storming, storyboard doodling and product selections we decided that it would be a proper job to produce a montage video.  Starting off with a sprinkling of inspiration that helped make the Seasalt Spring Collection what it is the video shows the Nautical Heritage that we hold dear. Added to that starter are coastal landscape sights, and almost smells,  from our home here in Cornwall, Mackerel Bap by the beach anyone?

It wouldn’t be Seasalt without mentioning those Bold Colours and Unique Prints, oh and not forgetting a Classical Stripe or two!

And thus the new Seasalt Video took shape. Of course the serious business of featuring new products wasn’t going to be missed so look out for some great Menswear, including a few personal favourites, and of course the Women’s Painters Smock.

But the highlight for me is a slightly tongue in cheek representation of the Seasalt Spring Jackets. I won’t describe the sequence it’s better if you watch and enjoy.

So there you have it and take a look, why not share or make a comment, popcorn is available from the foyer after the showing!

Seasalt blog whats new for Spring 2011

Go Knit! success

posted on February 16th, 2011 by Helen

In the run-up to Christmas we held our annual charity knit-a-thon, Go Knit!, where we asked everybody and anybody to knit Christmas decorations which we would sell to raise money for this year’s chosen charity, Alzheimer’s Society.

We had hundreds of knitters busily knitting thousands of decorations in all shapes, sizes and colours – but all looking fabulously festive! Several of our stores took part in selling the decorations as well as in our online shop, and the decorations found themselves being sent to the four corners of the land in time for Christmas!

We’ve done a final tot up of all the money raised and we’re delighted to announce that thanks to all those knitters and people who bought the wonderful decoration that Alzheimer’s Society will be receiving £1,500! It’s a brilliant sum which will go towards Alzheimer’s Society’s fantastic work supporting people suffering with forms of dementia and their carers.

A huge thanks from us all at Seasalt  to everyone who took part!

Seasalt's Go Knit! charity campaign

a bit of a Cornish Valentine

posted on February 14th, 2011 by Emma Raczkowski

It’s Valentines Day again and as we busy ourselves with plans for the rest of the day heres a little bit of a Cornish slant on this special day.

Bird superstitions are common place on this day as dating back as far as the 14th Century it is said that Valentine’s Day is when birds start to mate.

Here in Cornwall you were likely to see young men launching a hunt in the early hours wielding a net in the hope that they would catch an Owl and two Sparrows. If they successfully captured the birds, unharmed,  and made it to the local Inn before the women had risen, the lucky men would have been be presented with three flagons of ale with the added ingredient of wormwood… result!

As for the fate of the birds, that is less well documented!

Happy Valentines from all at Seasalt.

Seasalt Blog a Cornish valentines Tradition