Wow Your Friends With These Clever Origami Boxes

We love to get crafty, and the run up to Christmas gives us the perfect excuse to spend a day getting creative.

These origami boxes are made from one square of paper and are great for the festive season. They make pretty packages for small gifts, or look great wrapped in a ribbon and hung from your tree.

How to make your box

  1. With your print facing down, fold your paper in half horizontally, and then vertically.
  2. Open out your paper and fold the bottom up to the half way mark, rotate 180°, repeat and then unfold your paper. There should be 8 small rectangles facing you.
  3. Fold the bottom up to the top horizontal crease. Open it, rotate 180° and repeat. You should now have 12 rectangles, 2 large at the top and bottom, with 8 thinner rectangles in the middle.
  4. Fold the top corners to meet the 2nd crease down. Rotate 180 degrees and repeat. –
  5. Flip your paper over so the print is showing and the majority of creases run vertically.
  6. Fold the top and bottom to meet the middle crease. Then fold the newly created flaps back on themselves to meet the outer edge
  7. Lift the flaps and gently push your finger into the triangle creases. Ease these out and press flat, your flaps should now be rectangular.
  8. Flip your paper over so the print is on the back. Bring the flaps you just made back to the front by folding the bottom piece in half so it’s in line with the printed sections. Take care not to crease the top flap. These should be wider than the rest of your paper, and will form the sides of your box.
  9. With your original creases running horizontally, firmly refold the top and bottom two creases, this will help define the sides and lid of your box.
  10. Lift the outer flaps so they stand up. Bring corners A and B together, then fold at the second crease. This will form the sides and top of your box. Rotate and repeat.
  11. The lid is made up of two flaps, each with triangle pockets inside, like an envelope. To close, slide one of the flaps into the triangle pockets of the other.

Need a bit of help? Watch the video below


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