Mexico: The Cornish Connection


Did you know? Cornwall has been a real influence on Mexico; from introducing football to pasties!

Back in the autumn, we were contacted by Sarah at The Royal Cornwall Museum. Sarah explained that she was visiting Mexico with a couple of colleagues from the museum in October to experience The International Pasty Festival!

The festival is held in Real del Monte, an old Mexican mining town.

Mexico has a long history of mining but in the early 19th century Mexico’s mines lay derelict and flooded in the aftermath of the civil war. The new government was keen to see the mines reopen, so decided to sell some of them to a group of British investors who recruited miners and engineers from Cornwall.

The story of the Cornish community in Mexico is really fascinating, there are still people in the town who have names such as Jose Skewes or Francisco Rule (traditional Cornish surnames).

Many of the locals own pasty shops in Real Del Monte and they proudly display anything from Cornwall, including St Piran flags and our Pasty And Friends Tea Towel!

If you visit The Royal Cornwall Museum between now and March 2017, be sure to pop in to see their exhibition, Mexico: the Cornish Connection.  It’s a fantastic exploration of Cornwall’s cultural influence on the country. Students from Cornwall College and also the University of Hidalgo in Mexico have created thought-provoking and moving artworks these will also be shown as part of this new exhibition.

Oh and what Sarah and the team, think of Pastes del Nagado (Mexican pasties)? Apparently, they’re a taste sensation but quite a lot smaller than a Cornish pasty!


Can you spot the Cornish flag?


A giant Pastes del Nagado!


Our pasty tea towel.