How to Make Your Own Christmas Robin

Over the years robins have become synonymous with Christmas. Whether they’re on postage stamps, taking centre stage of a snowy Christmas card scene or reporting back to Santa, these little birds have taken a starring role in the festive season. So why not make your own Christmas Robin to hang on your tree.

 You will need:
Brown felt
Red patterned or plain fabric
Hot glue gun or super glue
Toy stuffing
Two small black beads
Sewing needle
Brown cotton

Begin by drawing the outline of a robin onto some card, then cut out the area you want to be red. From the brown felt, cut out two top pieces  using your templates, then cut two from your patterned fabric for the bottom part.  (Top tip: don’t forget to flip your template for one of the sides so your pattern is on the outside.)

Cut out some little legs from the brown felt and glue these into position. Also glue the top brown part of your robin to the bottom patterned part by overlapping a little.

Now using blanket stitch or simple running stitch, sew around your little robin.

Remember to leave a gap to stuff then finish sewing up.

Using your hot glue gun or superglue secure an eye to each side. Add a small loop with thread to hang him on your Christmas tree.

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