How to make a beautiful driftwood wreath

It’s not long until Christmas Day now and front doors across the land will be adorned with beautiful garlands capturing the spirit of the festive season. Making your own wreath is a great way of incorporating a bit of craft into your Christmas prep and we think our driftwood version would look stunning on any door. You could even spread some festive cheer and make your friends and family one.

You will need:

Different shapes and sizes of driftwood
Small pieces of rope
Large piece of rope
Selection of sea glass
Selection of small shells
Foam board or cardboard
Scalpel knife
Glue gun and glue sticks
Pencil and compass

Begin by using your compass to draw a 12 inch/30 cm circle onto your foam board or cardboard. Extend your compass by 1 inch/2.5 cm to draw a larger circle. Using your scalpel carefully cut out following your two lines, so you are left with a ring. Then piece by piece, using your hot glue gun secure your driftwood randomly, making sure you keep them close together. Gradually work your way around the entire circle.


Select some pieces of sea glass and small shells and again secure with hot glue.


Pick a few small pieces of rope to wrap around the front and glue on the back.


Using your larger piece of rope, tie a bow at the top.


Once the bow is secure your wreath is ready to hang on your door.