Cornwall to Kilimanjaro – our neckerchiefs reach the peak


Killi Sea Salt scarf 2

Here at Seasalt, we love getting out and about exploring new places. However, one of our Seasalt neckerchiefs ended up a bit further afield than usual- in Tanzania! Linda from The Natural Store and The Big Beautiful Bunting Company recently got in touch to let us know that Georgie Kirby, fellow partner and founder of the Big Beautiful Bunting Company, used a Seasalt neckerchief during her climb of Mount Kilimanjaro!

Georgie raised money in aid of Cornwall Air Ambulance and travelled with 32 fellow Cornish trekkers in September,using her neckerchief in lots of different ways- as a sun hat up the tough ascent, a neck warmer when she triumphantly reached the peak and a dust mask on her steady descent back down.

Killi Sea Salt scarf 1

We’d love to see other ways of wearing our neckerchiefs-  have you been on an exciting adventure with yours (it can be an adventure in your local area if you like!)? How do you wear your scarf?