Meet the supplier: stand-out socks

This season we’re sharing a behind-the-scenes look at where our clothes are made and the partnerships that bring our products to life.

Creating the perfect pair of socks is important to us. They’re one of our signature products and have to be just right, from their comfy toe seams to joyful designs.

That’s why we work with JORG. Based in Bulgaria, they’re our biggest sock supplier. Back in 2014 we ordered 2,000 pairs of socks from them – this year, it was over 125,000. It’s a wonderful story of growth and of what can be achieved with long-term relationship building. As our business has grown, so has theirs.

Just like us, JORG is a family run business committed to making beautiful products that last and wear well. We wanted to work with them because of their commitment to innovation and new designs, even complex ones.

“The business match was perfect. They were willing to work with us on new innovations and complex designs and have high quality standards.” – Lucy Panniers, Seasalt’s Director of Technical Compliance.

JORG are able to deliver on the little details that set our socks apart, including hand-linked toe seams (which makes them super soft) and yarn-dyed stripes, where every yarn is coloured before being knitted into the sock, creating depth and tactile quality in the finish. Like so many of our Seasalt designs, our socks are a marriage of functionality and artistry. As fellow sock obsessives, JORG have been generous in helping to train and support our junior teams as they learn about sock manufacture.

Importantly, JORG work with sustainable yarns such as organic cotton and bamboo derived viscose. These are some of our favourite fibres to use: organic cotton is grown without harmful fertilisers and pesticides, protecting wildlife, soil quality and the workers who grow and process the cotton, whilst bamboo is a sustainable plant that grows quickly, also without the need for harmful pesticides and fertilisers. Bamboo thrives on rainwater in places that wouldn’t suit many other crops and is cut rather than uprooted when it is harvested, which is better for the soil. 

JORG’s values align with ours. They have been awarded the highest grade for their ethical standards by independent auditors. If that wasn’t enough to seal our long-term partnership, they run on 100% renewable energy.

We’re proud of our pairs, but the finishing touch for our socks has nothing to do with excellent craftsmanship or lovely designs. Many of our JORG creations contribute to our Seasalt Giving, as we make a 20p donation to charity for every pair of single Seasalt socks we sell.  Our current Seasalt charities include Hospital Rooms, who use art to improve the wellbeing of mental health patients, and Mylor Sailability, who run sailing and powerboat sessions for people with disabilities.

The making of the humble sock truly is a team effort.

Learn more about where our clothes are made and how we work with suppliers in our blog from Lucy Panniers, Seasalt’s Director of Technical Compliance.

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