Style with no age limit: Alyson Walsh’s festive outfits

The former magazine fashion editor and Daily Telegraph columnist creates some timeless ensembles especially for Seasalt

At Seasalt, we love Alyson Walsh’s work. She’s a fan of playful and functional dressing and an advocate for individual, comfortable style on all ages. As such, she was the ideal person to create some unique outfits from our latest collection.

Alyson has used utilitarian yet plush pieces inspired by the trailblazing and work and studiowear of some of our favourite artists, the Cornish Modernists. We hope her three looks inspire you to have some fun with your own festive wardrobe.

Winter Layering

For me, winter layering combines ease, simplicity and warmth. And, when you keep it simple, texture is important. Juxtaposing the boiled wool, Newlyner Jacket with slinky velvet feels fresh, pulled-together and effortless. The pared-down, wool jacket is a neatly shaped piece that’s as easy to wear as a cardigan and can be layered underneath an overcoat. Popped on over the Mathey Trewells velvet dress and a long sleeved, organic cotton Simple Life Top, this textural mismatch keeps things modern. As well as feeling lovely and lush, velvet is surprisingly warm, too. Though you may need a big Ashill puffer coat if you’re having a socially-distanced mulled wine outdoors…

Joy of Dressing



Corduroy is the everyday version of velvet. Hardwearing and plush, it feels good, looks good and has a certain easy-going sturdiness. These workwear-inspired pieces, the Peran Jacket and Asphodel cropped trousers, are the no-nonsense clothes you can rely on.

But, the joy of dressing comes from playing around with an outfit, introducing a contrast. Revving up the basics with a sparkly striped Sailor Shirt and sumptuous velvet scarf brings an elegant twist to low-key, everyday style. This blend of utilitarian and luxurious is what I like to call Casual Glamour. The point is to create an outfit that can take you everywhere. Though, of course, you’ll need a pair of versatile, flat boots, for running around in.

It’s Christmas!



The aim at Christmas is to look chic and stylish and not seasonally overwrapped. I want to enjoy myself and not have to worry about what I’m wearing. I want partywear without the performance. That’s why I choose simple, elegant pieces that can go-everywhere and take you from one festive season to the next. My ideal outfit is a combination of day and eveningwear, relaxed essentials whooped up with one standout piece, such as the lovely, Enchanted Valley velvet top. Teamed with a pair of favourite jeans and party shoes, the velvet top makes Christmas cocktails at home feel extra special. Once the evening buffet has been polished off, replace velvet heels with slippers and settle in for a night on the sofa.

Merry Christmas!

Freelance journalist and author Alyson Walsh believes that style is ageless. And writes a column on the subject every Saturday for the Daily Telegraph. With many years’ experience as a magazine fashion editor, she understands that style is not dictated by trends or spending money, and that what really matters is feeling comfortable and doing something distinctive, something individual. Alyson started her blog That’s Not My Age, in 2008, to champion stylish women of all ages and prove that midlife had evolved. She gained a loyal, engaged following, went on to write two books, Style Forever and Know Your Style, and has since launched a podcast series.

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