Create your own Christmas folk mouse

These colourful characters are inspired by our festive shop windows and make perfect tree decorations

This season we’ve filled our windows with a cast of wildlife inspired by traditional Cornish stories. You’ll find these mice amongst our displays, decorated with Fair Isle patterns and flashes of opulent gold.

We thought they’d make beautiful tree decorations and present toppers, so we asked our shop window designer Sam to share how he made them.

Follow along in our Seasalt Create video.

Download your template here

1. Draw round all the templates onto the correct colour card (see template) and carefully cut out with a scalpel knife.

2. Line up both mouse arms with the body and carefully pierce with the scalpel blade to create a hole on the body. You’ll need this later to fasten the arms. Stick one red arm template on the front of the white mount card arm and one green arm template on the back side of the template. Repeat this process for both arms, then set aside.

3. Use a hole punch to create 26 red, 2 gold and 2 bright blue dots. You’ll be using these for both sides of the mouse, so when the mouse spins he has decoration on both sides of the card.

4. Make the eyes by gluing the white eye dot onto the navy eye. Place in the middle of the mouse’s face.

5. Cut 2 hole punched red dots in half and place around the eye. Glue down one hole-punched gold dot for the cheek, the little red nose triangle, and two little thin strips of green card for whiskers.

6. Glue on one gold ear and one inside bright blue ear shape. Then add 4 little snips of the thin bright blue card to add decoration along the front edge of the mouse’s face.

7. Snip 6 little strips of the thin card in different colours and stick along the neck to create a stripy effect, topped with hole punched red dots in a row. Glue on 3 bright blue fern shapes in a row, placing 6 red hole punched dots under these.

8. Snip more little lengths card in different colours and glue in a row under the dots. Leave enough space to glue one navy big foot and one small red foot.

9. Glue on the gold tail.

10. Line up the arms with the body. Pierce with the scalpel blade in line with the hole you made on the body earlier, then attach to the body with the gold paper faster. They should be able to move a little.

11. Match up the decorations on both side of the mouse.

12. Use a strong needle to pierce a hole at the top of the gold ear and push through some pretty string so you can hang him from your Christmas tree or use as a present topper.

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