A Seasalt Shop window tale: crafting Cornish magic

Every Seasalt window tells the story of the season, but this Christmas we’ve been able to weave an extra-special yarn inspired by Cornish myths and legends.

Our land’s colourful characters have inspired our festive collection, which gave our window designers a wealth of material for their enchanting displays. Referencing ancient folk art and illustration, they created unique animal designs decorated with bejewelled shapes and flashes of opulent gold.

Some of the animals have moving parts using paper fasteners, a little like oversized paper puppets. There are sweeping barn owls, majestic deer, a mischievous fox and a cheeky squirrel. If you look very closely, you might even see a moving mouse, rotating on its own stand with a hidden clockwork mechanism…

Seasalt Giving

Wherever possible our window displays are crafted from recyclable, reusable or reclaimed materials to minimise their environmental impact. But the story doesn’t end there. Each Seasalt shop builds relationships with their community to give our artwork a new lease of life at the end of the season.

Stories from Exeter

Our Gandy Street shop has done a brilliant job at making sure our window artwork doesn’t go to waste. They currently support Exeter Scrapstore, a charity that hosts a treasure trove of materials that local families and organisations can access for play, arts and crafts.

Illustrated seals, who starred in one of our past window displays, found a new home with the charity British Divers Marine Life Rescue, after a member of the organisation visited the shop. They’re now used at charity events and festivals to help spread the word about this brilliant charity’s work. You can also find some of our paper seals alongside their real-life counterparts if you visit the Cornish Seal Sanctuary near Helston.

If you’ve got an idea for using our window display materials, pop into your local shop, once you’re able to, and have a chat to the staff there.

All of our shops are now open, apart from Belfast. We can’t wait to see you soon. Find a shop or learn more about safe shopping with Seasalt

Fancy making your own festive folk mouse inspired by this season’s windows? Take a look at our How To.

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