Print your own cards & gift tags

Print designers Sophie & Kathryn bring an artistic touch to Christmas with just a few simple tools.

“Prints are an easy way to make each of your cards special if you’ve got a long list to send. I usually make around 150 every year!” – Sophie Chadwick

What you will need

• Foam (we’ve used sheets with a sticky back)

• Nail scissors or a craft knife

• Water-based printing ink

• A brush, roller or pad to apply the ink

• Card, gift tags or wrapping paper

How to print

1. Draw your pattern on foam. We created a few simple, botanical designs, featuring flowers and Christmas greenery.

2. Use small nail scissors or a craft knife to carefully cut out your shapes.

3. Stick the pieces onto a firm block of cardboard or wood. If you don’t have sticky backed foam, use PVA glue and let it dry.

4. Apply the ink. You can get different textures by using a brush, roller or sponge.

5. Press firmly and carefully onto your card. You can use the block multiple times to create a repeating pattern.

6. Add your own message and enjoy sharing your creations with your loved ones.

Seasalt print designer Sophie Chadwick wearing the Segment Floral print












Use matching raffia or ribbon on gift tags, and add detail with metallic markers, fine liners or glitter.

We’d love to see what you make. Share your print designs with us using #SeasaltArtsClub. Or browse our collection of lovingly crafted gifts to wrap with your hand-printed tags.