The inspiration behind our December prints

Our new collection is inspired by the traditional craft of Cornish printmakers. Our December prints have a truly handcrafted feel, lovingly created by our in-house artists.

Marks from the printing process appear in abstract patterns and lino and woodcut florals are inspired by delicate blooms and quiet Cornish landscapes. Our palette offers a glimpse into the printmaker’s studio, mixing inky jewel tones, greys and blacks from the etching press and soft pastel tones.

Seed Packet Dress - Lino Mark Floral print

Lino Mark Floral

Seasalt Seed Packet Dress - Lino Mark print close up

Sophie used lino blocks to create this intricate floral design with an Arts & Crafts feel. We love the texture of this print, which gives it a folky quality.

Print Process

Larissa Shirt - Print Process print

Kathryn created this dynamic design by hand printing abstract shapes and combining them with marks made as a by-product of printing, ink scraped with card to test colours and smudges made by finger tips, which give it a real sense of energy.

Lino Poppies

West Pentire Dress - Lino Poppies print

The West Pentire headland is transformed each year when the poppies come into bloom. Kathryn created this beautiful floral lino print which celebrates this annual spectacle and captures the texture and vibrant colour of these flowers.

Feathered Leaf

Rocky Path Tunic - Feathered Leaf print

Sophie cut into lino blocks to create this bold, contemporary design. The pattern of the veins on the leaves has a lovely feathery quality.

Folk Daisy

Inscription Skirt - Folk Daisy print

Inspired by daisies growing along Cornish lanes, Sophie created this naive, folky floral by layering up hand cut stamps.

Engraved Foliage

Tempera Dress - Engraved Foliage print

We love the Arts and Crafts feel of this fresh, vibrant print. The intertwined leaves and flowers are based on nature studies from Kathryn’s sketchbook.

Ever wondered how the team bring our prints to life? Read our Story of a Print blog and watch for yourself how a print goes from concept to shop floor.