Christmas Calligraphy How To By Anon Design Studio

Looking to impress your guests this Christmas? These beautiful personalised name places are easy to make and guaranteed to wow! Our good friends at Anon Design Studio have put together these easy to follow instructions on how to create beautiful Christmas name places.

Christmas Leaf Place Names by Anon Designs

Christmas leaf place names by Anon Design Studio

Leaf Place Names

If you really want your place settings to stand out this Christmas, try using beautiful green leaves! We love how the gold ink and green from the leaves complement each other to give a luxurious festive look.

What  you’ll  need:

  • Laurel leaves or similar
  • Gold metallic marker pens
  • Scrap paper
  1. This is one of the simplest ways to create some truly effective and beautiful place settings, just gather the right sized leaves from your garden or local florist.
  2. Wipe the leaves with a towel to make sure they’re clean and dry.
  3. Practice writing out the names you wish to add to your leaves and then start writing on your leaves (yes it really is that simple).
  4. After a while the waxy nature of the leaf might start to block your pen – scribbling on a piece of scrap paper usually does the trick to unblock the nib, but it’s a good idea to purchase a couple of spare pens to have as a back up.


If you feel like adding a little extra luxury to your leaf you can dab some gold leaf to the corners. Keep your leaves fresh in your fridge until you need them.

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Anon Design Christmas place names on Khadi Paper

Cotton Paper Place Names

Nothing says refined rustic more than cotton paper place settings. This paper is great for calligraphy but also for dip dying to create your own unique colours and designs.

What  you’ll  need:

  • Khadi Paper, cut or torn to size
  • Paintbrush
  • Gold or silver ink, calligraphy pen and nib (or metallic marker pen)
  • Water-based paints
  1. Mix up your paints to create the colour you want then add enough water to give a watercolour effect. The more water you add the lighter the ink colour and vice versa with less water.
  2. Dip your paper into the water and use your brush to guide the colour onto your paper, at this stage you can dip a few times and also let the paper dry slightly and re-dip for extra effect.
  3. Once the paper is really dry and flattened out you can write on it with your beautiful gold or silver ink.
  4. For a shimmery sea spray effect you could flick small droplets of ink or paint onto your setting.


To add a little extra luxury to your card, dab some gold leaf to the corners. After you have dip-dyed your paper it might slightly curl when dry, keep them stored under some heavy books to flatten out until you need them.


We hope you enjoy trying out these ideas!

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