How To Make A Snow Bunting

Follow our step-by-step tutorial to bring some coastal inspiration to your Christmas decorating.

how to make Snow Buntings Seasalt Cornwall Christmas

These little snow buntings were originally dreamt up by our windows team for a season gone by. We’ve kept the team’s tutorial to hand, as we love them as charming Christmas decorations that are also fun to make.

You will need
Tissue paper
Black wire
White and grey felt
Black card
Two black beads
Super glue

Making the body

  • Take two sheets of tissue paper and scrunch into a bird shape.
  • Wrap the tape around your bird structure to strengthen it.
  • Cut out a piece of tissue paper about 5 inches by 9 inches, fold in half and then fold over again and again till you have a rectangle shape – this will become an extra bit of stuffing for the back of the bird, where the wings would be.
  • Secure to the bird with tape.

Making the legs

  • Cut out two pieces of wire just over a 30cm.
  • Leaving about half an inch of wire, create three front claw loops and one back claw loop.
  • Secure the claws together by wrapping the spare half an inch of wire between the front and back claws.
  • With the rest of the wire bend back on itself to create the bird’s leg. With pliers twist the claw loops and the leg to create a stronger leg and foot structure.

  • Repeat the process so you have a pair.
  • Attach to the body of the bird by piercing two holes with a scalpel knife and place the legs into the hole, secure with glue and make sure the legs are level so the bird can stand on its own.

Decorating your Snow Bunting

  • Cut out thin strips of white felt about half an inch wide.
  • With pliers pull the white strips of felt into small feathery tufts, repeat the process till you have enough to cover your bird. Start attaching the white pieces of felt at the tail of the bird, working your way up the body, covering all of the tape.

  • Cut a few strips of grey felt and use the pliers to pull into small feathery tufts.
  • On the back of the bird add the grey felt in a triangle shape, almost like your snow bunting is wearing a small grey cape. This creates a lovely bit of detail where the closed wings of the bird would be.

Finishing touches

  • To make the beak, cut out a small diamond shape in card. Fold in half and at one end make a little snip and bend the card back on itself and stick together with glue so you have a 3D beak.
  • To finish your snow bunting, glue on the beak and add two black beads for the eyes.

These chirpy chaps make perfect Christmas decorations or stocking fillers, and are an ideal way to spend a rainy day with the whole family.

Will you be giving these snow buntings a go? We’d love to see your creations, share them with us using #SeasaltArtsClub on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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