The Inspiration Behind This Month’s Prints: Artisan Cornwall

Our latest collection is inspired by Cornwall’s artisan producers, with a rich palette of nutmeg, aubergine and cream alongside our signature sea blue hues. Our new unique prints feature all those clever little leaf and floral patterns found on delicious cups of coffee, and a selection of gastronomic treats that caught the eye of our print design team.

Bakery Flowers

Baking Stone Top in Bakery Flowers Print

This beautiful floral print was inspired by marks cut into freshly baked bread. We love the sense of texture in this print and the subtle pops of colour.

Coffee Stamp

Kestrel Dress - Coffee Stamp print

Coffee beans inspired the shapes used to create this handsome geometric print. If you look closely you can spot the distinctive shape of the beans within the design.


Malthouse Dress in Blueberries print

Ripe, juicy berries growing among the leaves of blueberry plants give this print a vibrant feel.

Mackerel Plates

Larissa Shirt in Mackerel Plates

Freshly caught seafood is one of the delights of life by the coast. Our textile designer, Kathryn Fowler, created this detailed lino print of Cornish mackerel after watching fishermen unloading their catch in the harbour.

Leaf Geo

Cleats Dress in Leaf Geo Print

This design started life as a potato print! Sophie created this eye-catching geometric design based on leaf studies from her sketchbook.

Leaf Frond

Calmwater Tunic in Leaf Front Print

Sophie carved a lino block to create this beautiful print. The intricate fern frond shapes created by baristas at her local coffee shop, in Falmouth, inspired the design.

Ever wondered how the team bring our prints to life? Read our Story of a Print blog and watch for yourself how a print goes from concept to shop floor.

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