How to Make a Rope Wreath

Create your own rope wreath using our step-by-step guide.

Rope wreaths are great for all times of the year. They add a quirky, nautical mood to any room, and a wonderful sense of seaside nostalgia.

We’ve put together a step by step guide for you to create your own rope wreath – we’ve added a red ribbon as a finishing touch to take this nautical favourite into the festive season.

You will need:
Natural looking rope
Foam board or cardboard
Hot glue gun
Red ribbon
Large plate (roughly 12” to draw around)

Begin by plaiting together three strands of rope – try and have your rope as long as possible, you can always trim off the excess. If you do run out, don’t worry, you can join more on.

Then draw around the plate onto your foam board or cardboard. Mark roughly an inch around your circle and draw a larger circle. Using your scalpel carefully cut out following your two lines so you are left with a ring.

Using a good amount of hot glue secure the end of your plait to the foam board.

Gradually begin to wrap tightly around the foam board ring to neatly cover it.

Try and wrap as tightly as you can to cover up the foam board.

If you run out of rope, join another piece by using the hot glue gun onto the back of your wreath and continue to wrap.

Secure the end with a touch of glue. Tie a big ribbon bow on the top and you’re done.

Now hang up your wreath so everyone can admire and congratulate you on your handiwork!