How to Make a Driftwood Boat

There’s nothing we love more than a walk along the beach, combing the shoreline for flotsam and jetsam. Sea glass and driftwood are abundant on our beaches, and they make for great crafting materials.

Here’s a step by step guide to make your very own driftwood boat.

You will need:
Calico or cream fabric
Patterned fabric
Bamboo stick
Small piece of driftwood
Glue gun
Sewing needles
Red thread
White cotton

Decide where you would like your bamboo mast to go and make a hole in the middle of your driftwood using the needle.

Put a small amount of glue in the hole and secure your bamboo stick into place.

Now pierce a hole in either end of the driftwood, you may need to wiggle your needle around a little to make a larger hole.

Using your wire cut two small pieces and twist them to make two small loops. Glue these into your holes on each end of your driftwood piece.

Now cut out your two sails, one in patterned fabric and one in plain. I chose to lay my boat on my fabric to create my sail shape. Remember to leave a little bit extra by your bamboo stick to glue.

Glue along your stick and wrap your first sail around to secure.

Lay your boat on your plain fabric to again draw the triangular shape. You can use a ruler to help keep it nice and straight.

Decide whether you want your boat to have the same size sails or slightly smaller. We’ve chosen to go a little smaller than the patterned sail. Draw a faint outline of an anchor, star or even a letter.

Use your red thread to neatly stitch around the pencil lines.

Glue along the right hand edge of your sail then secure to the back of your bamboo stick on top of your patterned fabric


Now stitch the corners of your sails onto your wire loops.

If you want to hang your boat, stitch a small loop with your red thread to the top of the sail.

Ta-dah! You’re very own driftwood boat.

If you’re lucky enough to find some large pieces of driftwood your boat can sit pride of place on the mantel or in the window sill. Smaller pieces of wood make great hanging decorations, perfect for your Christmas tree!

both boats