The inspiration behind our November prints

Trevissick Dress - Sparkler Geo print

This month, we’ve been inspired by winter festivities in Cornwall. As the nights grow darker and the days grow colder, storytellers weave their magic and fairy tales come to life.

Our new collection features rich, vibrant colours on darker background, dusty tones, and a little sparkle.

Textured Meadow

Photo Album Skirt - Textured Meadow print

Sophie painted this bold and beautiful floral design, which features wild roses, harebells and berries. Full of colour and texture, this dynamic print is ideal for brightening up autumn days.

Sparkler Geo

Trevissick Dress - Sparkler Geo print

Sparklers and twinkly stars on a crisp winter’s night inspired Sophie to create this magical geometric design, which started off as a hand stamped print.

Crescent Geo

Film Review Dress - Crescent Geo print

Sophie played around with simple moon shapes to form this sumptuous geometric design.

Forest Collage

Dew Drop Top - Forest Collage print

This beautiful print depicts an enchanted grove hidden deep within a Cornish woodland. Kathryn used a scalpel to create this intricate paper cut scene – look closely to spot the hidden details and you might just see one of the animals move…

Ever wondered how the team bring our prints to life? Read our Story of a Print blog and watch for yourself how a print goes from concept to shop floor.