Seasalt Garment Techs Volunteer at The Flicka Foundation

On a chilly Monday in October the Seasalt Garment Technologists headed off to The Flicka Foundation, a local donkey sanctuary just five minutes up the road from Seasalt’s Head Office and Design Studios as part of the Volunteering Initiative.

The Seasalt Volunteering Initiative gives each employee the opportunity to take an addition day of paid leave to spend helping a charity which means something to them. So far our teams have volunteered at a range of local charities including The Mermaid Centre, The National Trust and Age UK in Falmouth.

Mary Berryman’s Flicka Foundation was founded in 1995 and now cares for around 100 horses and donkeys. Each has their own story of how they’ve arrived at the sanctuary and all require lots of care and attention which is why The Flicka Foundation were delighted for Sam, Helen, Vanessa and Anna to help out on the day.

donkey seasalt volunteers cornwall

Seasalt Volunteers at the Flicka Donkey Foundation

The team got stuck in straight away, lending a hand with daily duties such as grooming the donkeys and preparing the hay. Some of the donkeys suffer from a condition called laminitis which is a painful hoof condition. To help care for these donkeys our team helped soaking the hay bales in water to remove some of the excess sugar. Laminitis can be fatal to equine animals as it affects their hooves, which heavily impacts their quality of life. Making these small changes is a necessity to help keep their health in check.

hay seasalt cornwall volunteers wearing seassalt flicka donkey cornwall

Seasalt Volunteers at Flicka Donkey Foundation

Many of the donkeys touched the team’s hearts, especially Humphrey the French donkey who arrived at Flicka back in May, just 9 months old. “We had a lovely lady called Annie that looked after us for most of the day, she was so informative and knew all the donkeys by name and was able to tell us about each of their backgrounds and how they ended up at Flicka, we came away feeling like we knew so much about the charity and the great work they do,” says Sam.

Since May 2018, Seasalt employees have completed over 600 hours of volunteering with local charities and projects. There are lots more days planned, so keep an eye out for more volunteering days from the team.

donkey foundation flicka seasalt volunteers

Humphrey and his friends

This isn’t the first time Seasalt and Flicka have worked together. In the past Seasalt donated old wellies to the foundation as donkeys love to play with them! Read more

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