Our second Leach apprentice is graduating!

We are so proud to announce that the second Leach Pottery apprentice, sponsored by the Seasalt Bursary, is graduating this month. To celebrate, the Leach Potteryare to host Matt’s first solo exhibition: “Matthew Foster: An Apprenticeship”.

Matt Foster, who grew up in St Ives, started out as a chef, before hanging exhibitions at the Millenium Gallery (now Anima-Mundi) in St Ives. In October 2015 he was selected from hundreds of entrants to take on the second Seasalt-Leach apprenticeship. He has worked alongside Callum, the first, and Annabelle, our third Seasalt-Leach apprentice. Guided along the way by Roelof Uys, lead potter at the Leach, Matt has developed his skills month on month and will present a range of pieces at his exhibition, from tableware like pourers, jugs, bowls, plates, jars, teapots, and tiles, to larger pieces with an East-West pottery influence.


Roelof said, “It’s been a real pleasure to see Matthew’s progression over the last three years, his dedication and work ethic is only matched by his creative talent and positive attitude.”

Libby Buckley, Leach Pottery director, said “Matthew Foster has been committed and dedicated to the Apprenticeship – the standard of his pottery has gone from strength-to-strength. Once again, the Leach Apprenticeship has proved how vital and successful it can be in supporting the training of the next generation of Leach potters. Without the support of Seasalt and the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust this marvellous outcome would not have been possible.”

Matt’s exhibition runs from 13th October – 2nd December 2018 at the Leach Pottery, St Ives.