Windows Inspired By Wilhelmina Barns-Graham’s Waves

Our most recent window theme was inspired by the modernist artist Wilhelmina Barns-Graham, who spent much of her life in Cornwall.

Living in St Ives meant  that Wilhelmina was constantly influenced by the people and area that surrounded her, one notable figure being Bernard Leach, who founded the Leach Pottery and went on to become something of a father figure to her.

Wilhelmina loved St Ives. She worked in the Porthmeor Studios and eventually bought a house in the Barnaloft Piazza in the early 60s. She often used the waves and occupants of Porthmeor Beach to influence her work, and our team has been inspired in the same way.

Our “Wilhelmina waves” were created using wool, to represent the line drawings of the sea in Barns-Graham’s work.  The navy and teal colours are hung in shop windows across the country in groups of ten. The different hues add a depth of colour, reflecting the ever-changing tones of the sea.

Each shop has been delivered between two and four balls of wool, and they will hang the Wilhelmina waves themselves, meaning every shop has an opportunity to express its individuality.

We love to see what you’ve been making so don’t forget to share your creations with us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram using #SeasaltArtsClub.

Kathryn and the Seasalt windows team x