Top Tips For Making Wreaths with Marisa Martin

We caught up with Marisa Martin of Flowers With M to find out the best way to bring the outside in this winter.

How to make a wreath

Natural wreaths are a brilliant way to make your home feel festive and bring the outdoors in. As well as hanging a wreath on the front door, I love to make lots of little ones and hang them together on a wall inside, or have them propped up on shelves.

Wire cutters

  1. You can buy readymade natural bases, or make your own by twisting and weaving long willow stems into a circle.
  2. Fix your willow by tying little knots of twine or wire all the way around, so you have a solid base to start.
  3. Tie together little bundles of foliage, before fixing them to your base.
  4. It can look effective to leave parts of the willow base showing, with clusters of greenery on one side. Or you can twist long stems of ivy (or similar) all the way round to make sure the whole base is covered, for a thicker, more solid and even look.
  5. Spritz with a little water every so often, to keep them looking fresh all through the festive season.


When foraging I always think of it as borrowing from the plant, not taking from it, so it’s important to do it properly and to only take foliage from the right places.

How to stay safe (and within the law) when foraging your greenery:

  1. Take foliage from your own garden, or be sure to seek permission from the landowner before picking.
  2. Only collect from plentiful populations and leave plenty behind for wildlife. Try not to take more than you will use.
  3. Use a good field guide book to know what you’re picking and avoid rare or poisonous plants.

Are you making wreaths this year, or do you bring the joy of the outdoors inside in other ways? Share your top tips and photos with us using #SeasaltArtsClub.