The Inspiration Behind This Month’s Prints: Sandra Blow

This month, the bold brushstrokes of Sandra Blow’s legendary, expressive and huge canvases take our Cornish art-inspired season in a fresh direction. Kathryn and Sophie, our print designers, have drawn on Blow’s confident and carefree style, playing with torn paper, bright clashing colours and loose abstract forms to create November’s collection of unique prints.


This abstract knit design was a joint creation between Kathryn and Sophie, who were inspired by the large, geometric prints of Sandra Blow from the 1960s. Here, open compositions are punctuated with bright pops of colour to create an eye-catching effect.

Torn Leaf & Tiny Torn Leaf

Inspired by the torn paper collages of Sandra Blow, Kathryn combined geometric paper forms to create this beautiful leaf pattern.

Torn Garden

Torn paper motifs form an abstract floral garden in this pretty print, which adds a vibrant splash of colour for autumn.

Torn Squares

Our print designer, Kathryn Fowler, made this striking geometric pattern by layering torn paper to create a collage effect.


Biscuit Tin

The decoration on a vintage Scandinavian biscuit tin inspired this eye-catching geometric design. We love the way it combines lines, dots and circles to give it a sense of movement.


Spotty Leaves

Potato prints of spotty leaves from Sophie’s sketchbook were used to create this design, which adds a bright splash of autumn colour.


Winter Border

Inspired by wintery Cornish hedgerows, this print is a celebration of the season. Bright berries add a pop of colour, while leafy stems introduce a sense of texture and movement.

Ever wondered how the team bring our prints to life? Read our Story of a Print blog and watch for yourself how a print goes from concept to shop floor.

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