The tones of Cornish copper

This October, we bring our Arts & Crafts theme home to the Newlyn Copper Works in West Cornwall

We took our new colour palette from the burnished tones of Cornish copper, and the rich colours of stormy winter seas around Newlyn harbour.

The shades range from the vibrant greens of oxidised copper to accents of its naturally warm, bright and burnished tones.

Rejoice Coat in Brushed Check Dark Lake

Our rich and lively sea blues sing against warmer autumnal shades of dark terracotta and rye.

Copper in Cornwall

Copper has been mined in Cornwall and used in local shipbuilding for generations. When local fishermen were unable to go to sea in bad weather, they crafted beautiful objects in copper as an alternative source of income.

Newlyn Copper

The Copper Works in Newlyn started in 1890 by Arts & Craft masters, and became famous for repoussé work. After the First World War the studios struggled and eventually shut down, but in 2004 they were re-opened by Michael Johnson: the UK’s leading artisan coppersmith, and our latest Modern Creative.

Prints inspired by craftsmen, created by our artists

Our print designers used bold brushstrokes to create flowers with a copper-like patina. We love this print on our easy-fitting Feature Film Top, especially paired with a deep, rust-coloured cord.

Our Hammered Floral print mimics the way copper is hammered on the reverse to create a beautifully textured surface and is the perfect print for our soft cord Clove Hitch Dress.

The Textured Tulip print was created using layers of paint and wax resist, to recreate the texture of tarnished metal. Pops of rusty orange set off oxidised turquoise, giving the flowers a soft glow and lifting your autumn wardrobe.

Wild window displays

This October, our creative windows team have drawn their inspirations from the fish and birds featured on Newlyn Copper designs. They have created Arctic Terns and given the birds a copper effect. These seabirds have a distinctive silhouette and can be spotted on British coastlines from April to September.

Copper toned arctic terns swooping in our Falmouth shop window