Seasalt Cord: Happiness comes in waves

Easy to dress up or down, our design team in Falmouth have been using our exceptional cotton cord for years. You'll find it on best-selling styles and lots of new Seasalt designs every season.

Maybe it’s because of our coastal home, and the familiar ebb and flow of the Cornish tide, that we are instinctively drawn to the gentle rise and fall of corduroy. Made from super soft cotton, Seasalt cord is the perfect transitional fabric for layering as the longer evenings and cooler months of autumn and winter draw closer.

Seasalt cord: Safflower Corduroy Pinafore Dress

Safflower Cord Pinafore Dress

What makes Seasalt cord so special?

With its plush, cotton tufted pile, our cord has a wonderful tactile quality and is part of the same beautifully soft fabric family of moleskin and velvet.

Available in a variety of weights, our cord collection ranges from super-fine needlecord to mid-weight and heavier cord, depending on the number of ridges, or wales, along the fabric.

As well as being warm and beautifully soft, corduroy is hard-wearing; taking the rough with the smooth, it’s perfect for practical yet pretty outfitting.

Reminiscent of freshly ploughed Cornish fields, our corduroy lets you go with the flow in flattering cuts and a range of rich garment-dyed colours and distinctive prints.

Seasalt Cord Clove Hitch Needlecord Shirt DressCord is also a wonderful fabric for sewing, particularly for beginners. Available in 1 and 3 metre lengths, our selection of soft needlecord fabric is perfect for dressmaking and crafting. We would love to see what you make – share it on Instagram using #SeasaltArtsClub.


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