The inspiration behind our October prints

There’s nothing cosier than curling up by the fire and settling in for a bit of storm watching on the Cornish coast. While waves crash against the harbour walls and raindrops drum on the windowpane, snuggle up in beautifully soft knits and and relax. This is the time of year for reading, dreaming and creating.

Our October prints feature deep, inky blues and stormy greys reminiscent of winter skies, with rich berry brights and warm hues inspired by firelight and the soft glow of candles.

Porthleven Storm

Larissa Shirt - Porthleven Storm Print

Porthleven is famous for storm watching, and the sea often crashes over the clock tower. Sophie cut this intricate scene from a lino block, as shown below. We love looking into the design to see all the different houses around the harbour and the fishing boats coming in to shelter against the storm.

Book Cover Floral

Nansidwell Tunic - Book Cover Floral Print

Inspired by beautiful old book cover illustrations, Sophie painted lots of different flowers and berries, intertwining them in this elegant design.

End Cut Trees

Longor Dress - End Cut Trees Print

Seeing freshly cut trees on an autumnal woodland walk inspired Kathryn to create this almost floral design. We love the way you get to see the cross section of the tree, showing the rings.


Carved Slate Top - Bookshelf Print

This design started life as a potato print. The romantic idea of cosying up by the fire with a good book while watching the storm brewing outside led Sophie to create this fun print featuring shelves full of books.

Blustery Leaves

Line Art Top - Blustery Leaves Print

Watching leaves being swept from the trees in a Cornish storm inspired Kathryn to create this dynamic, hand printed design. We love the sense of energy she’s given it, and the rich, autumn colours of the fallen leaves.

Ink Pen Flowers

Clove Hitch Dress - Ink Pen Flowers Print

Sophie used an ink pen with a beautiful Japanese brush nib to create this flowing design.

Ever wondered how the team bring our prints to life? Read our Story of a Print blog and watch for yourself how a print goes from concept to shop floor.