The inspiration behind our September prints

Early autumn is a magical time to be roaming Cornwall’s green and pleasant land. We always make time to go foraging and gather edible Cornish delicacies to try at home. From shore to hedgerow, the pickings are usually rich.

Our September prints feature warm colours and textures lifted from jams, sloes and berries combined with earthiness taken from vegetables, mushrooms, charred wood and seaweed, creating a palette that’s perfect for this time of year.

Discover our September prints

Oak Canopy print

Walking through a Cornish woodland and foraging for edible delights inspired Kathryn to create this distinctive woodcut design, featuring oak leaves and acorns.

Seasalt Kestle Barton Dress

Elderflower print

Creating this design brought back lovely memories for Sophie of collecting elderflowers from local hedgerows with her mum and auntie before making elderflower champagne. A combination of lots of little potato prints and sweeping brush marks gives this print lots of texture and movement.

Seasalt Elderflower print

Wild Plum print

Sophie painted this pretty wild plum (or prunus communis) design, incorporating the delicate blossom and fruits which are edible raw or delicious cooked.

Seasalt Wild Plum print

Floral Salad print

Sophie cut into a lino block to create this design, which has a lovely Arts & Crafts feel. It features marigold and borage flowers, both of which are a tasty addition to a summer salad.

Seasalt Floral Salad print

Natural Dye Test print

Sophie experimented with natural dyes, including tumeric, golden rod, avocado skins, carrot tops to create this distinctive print, which features all the beautiful colours featured in the the palette for this launch.

Seasalt Natural Dye Test Print

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