How To Make A Whale Mobile

There’s nothing quite like taking a few hours out to hunker down in the studio and get crafty. From sleeveless tops for distant holidays to whale mobiles for baby rooms, our new fabric collection has provided us with just the excuse we needed to hide ourselves away and spend an afternoon or two sewing.

To make our whale mobile you will need:
Embroidery and cotton thread in a range of colours
Embroidery hoop

1. Download and print our whale template and cut it out.

2. Draw around the whale onto one piece of fabric and one piece of felt. Flip the template over and repeat.

3. Cut them all out and attach together using pins, ensuring all the fabrics sit neatly on top of one-another.

4. Using a needle and thick thread sew around the edges of your whale – don’t forget to leave a hole near the tail end so you can add your stuffing.

5. Once you have completed stitching your whale, you are ready to stuff it – make sure you push it right down into the tail and the fin. Top tip: use the end of paintbrush or pencil to push the stuffing into those hard to reach places.

6. You can now stitch up the hole in your whale ready for decoration.

7. To add texture to the mouth of the whale use a combination of embroidery thread and cotton thread. Starting at the fin of the whale, work your way towards the tip of the mouth using a running stitch. Keep going until you have completed a line, then sew another row of running stitch underneath, mix up your threads and stitch length to create more interest. Keep adding rows until you reach the bottom of the whale.

8. For the eyes, use black thread knotted at the end. Push your needle through the fabric where you think the eye should be placed and sew through the black knot a few times to enlarge the eye.

9. That’s one whale finished! To make a mobile, stitch a few more whales and attach them all to an embroidery hoop using a thick piece of embroidery thread.
We’ve kept the colour palette the same, but mixed up the patterns to add a bit of interest. But you can use any print or fabric you like!

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