The Story of Seasalt Knitwear

We take great care to find the finest yarns and blends for our knitwear. We are known for our beautiful, statement pieces and timeless staples.

We love the versatility of Seasalt knitwear, from our cosy woollen jumpers for the chilliest winter walks to light cotton layers for summer barbecues on the beach. Each season, our product team work hard to source the finest quality yarns to bring their carefully crafted designs to life. Each type of yarn has different qualities, making them ideal for every occasion.

Seasalt knitwear plain colour and stripey ruity Jumpers

Our favourite Fruity Jumpers – made with merino wool

The design process

Crafting our knitwear collection takes patience, skill and a real eye for colour. Over time, our designer Carina has built up a library of patterns, jacquards, textures like garter, tuck and cable stitches taking inspiration from heritage Fair Isle fisherman knits and the colours of the Cornish landscape.

Each season Carina works closely with the rest of the design team and our suppliers, often creating custom melange dyes to allow more depth and richness of colour. She considers every stitch and refines each piece until it’s perfect.

Finding the right fibres

We select natural fibres wherever possible, which are warmer, naturally breathable and kinder to the environment. In warmer months, we’ll use soft cotton and linen blends. In cooler weather, we choose warm, lightweight merino, cosy lambswool, and soft alpaca blends.

We only use suppliers that are committed to the highest ethical and sustainable standards and source our merino exclusively from non-mulesed sheep. Mulesing is a painful and controversial process carried out on some sheep to prevent a condition called flystrike, so we make sure that the farms we work with don’t do this.

Find out more about our commitment to source wool from farms with progressive attitudes to land management and animal welfare. 


Soft, breathable and lightweight, merino wool is one of the best yarns nature has to offer. Its hardwearing nature means that with gentle care, clothes made with merino will last for seasons to come.

We use merino in lots of our jumpers, including our bestselling Fruity Jumper. The breathable, absorbent and antibacterial nature of the fibres makes it perfect for wearing on long walks, for toasty warmth no matter the weather. It even provides UV protection: it really is nature’s perfect clothing.

Seasalt knitwear Cast Up Jumper nautical knit

Nautical style Cast Up Jumper in a wool blend


Exactly as it sounds, lambswool comes from the first shearing of young sheep, usually when they are around seven months old. It’s lighter and finer than sheep’s wool, making it beautifully soft to touch, but also strong and resilient.

We use lambswool in our hardy winter knits which are perfect for the coolest days. We love contrasting the traditional knitwear shapes with a delicately printed skirt and chunky ankle boots, for a timeless style that’s as practical as it is beautiful.


We add extra luxury to selected pieces of knitwear by blending in the finest yarns of alpaca.

Alpaca has a beautifully soft texture. It’s also incredibly warm while being lightweight, which is why it’s coveted the world over and often a bit more expensive. By blending it with lambswool and other yarns, you can get many of the benefits at a lower cost.

Uniquely, alpaca wool does not have the lanolin coating that lambswool has, making it hypoallergenic.

Seasalt knitwear alpaca blend Free Forms Jumper brown

Luxuriously soft alpaca blend Free Forms Jumper

Boiled wool

We love using boiled wool for our elegant outerwear, like our bestselling Falmouth Dawn Coat. Exactly as it sounds, this is made by boiling knitted 100% wool until it felts. The felting process enhances all the wonderful qualities of wool, making it feel even softer, stronger, and warmer.

We’re proud of the thought and expertise that goes into each piece of Seasalt knitwear. With the right care, they will last year after year.

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