Raincoats that Turn the Tide on Plastic Pollution

Inspired by our love of the sea, our innovative new coats give new life to plastic waste

With the beautiful Cornish sea and beaches on our doorstep, the issue of ocean plastic is dear to our hearts. Seasalt volunteers regularly take part in beach cleans but we wanted to do much more.

Last year we removed 18 tonnes of single-use plastic from our business and we are also innovating with fabrics that give new life to plastic waste.

It felt especially important that the things we wear to enjoy the outdoors reflect our commitment to protect the natural environment. So, this season, we are introducing a new performance fabric to our Rain collection.

Tide Cycle is woven from recycled polyester fibres made with used plastic bottles. It’s waterproof, breathable, hardwearing and extremely soft to the touch.

Making our coats with Tide Cycle also helps reduce the amount of plastic flowing in our oceans and takes less raw materials, water and energy to produce than conventional polyester.

How Tide Cycle is made

• Single-use plastic bottles are collected and broken down
• The small plastic particles are then re-spun into polyester fibres
• These are then woven into the Tide Cycle fabric we use for our all-weather coats.
• Giving new life to plastic waste and preventing it from entering our oceans.

Responsible care

To prevent micro fibres shedding from your coat in the wash, we recommend washing your coat inside a GuppyFriend Bag. Then leave it to dry naturally.

Your coat will also need re-waterproofing on occasion to keep it performing at its best. See our NikWax products to find out how.

Read more about our sustainability plans and the difference we’re making in the communities around us.