The Inspiration Behind Our Latest Prints: Photographic Art in Cornwall

The unique quality of light in Cornwall has drawn artists and photographers to the far South West for decades. Combining inspiration and experimentation, photography is an intricate blend of science and art. Pioneering photographers have captured the people and places of Cornwall for decades, learning through new techniques and processes, tinkering in darkrooms to create fresh and exciting ways of playing with light. Our new collection is imbued with this spirit of creative experimentation.

With florals inspired by cyanotypes, tints, shading and double exposures, our designers drew on a range of photographic tricks to produce our latest collection of unique prints. This month’s palette features colours plucked directly from the Cornish landscape. We have enriched our finest natural fabrics and soft yarn blends with earthy tones and sea blues, punctuated by pops of warming red and the yellow of the late summer.

Pop Pansy

Mill Pool Dress - Pop Pansy print
One of our favourite prints of the season! Sophie cut into a lino block to create this dynamic print of overlapping pansy flowers in rich reds, pink and rusts. The dark outline and bright colours are reminiscent of Pop Art, hence the name ‘Pop Pansy’.  We love the sense of texture she’s achieved here.

Cut About Boat

Larissa Shirt - Cut About Boat print
Inspired by stroll around Falmouth harbour, Kathryn created this hand printed design, with abstract shapes forming sails and boats.

Constructivist Boats

Feature Film Top - Constructivist Boats Night
Constructivist art and design inspired Kathryn to create this striking design, using hand printed geometric shapes to form abstract sails with curved forms.


Polpeor Shirt - Anemones print
Sophie used the effect achieved by cyanotype photography to create this striking print of large anemone flowers. The different shades of blue are created by exposure to the light, giving this print an unusual look and feel. If you look closely, you can see the stems through the delicate flowers, almost like a blueprint.

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