Catching up with Hospital Rooms – the project so far

Fade 2017
Three channel video projection
10 mins
Courtesy the artist and Frith Street Gallery, London

The Seasalt supported Hospital Rooms project at Bluebell Lodge, a long stay mental health unit in London, is now in full swing!

Hospital Rooms is a charity that transforms mental health units with world class artists, making the spaces imaginative and rejuvenative, while also providing access to arts and creative activities for patients.

ANNA BARRIBALL Untitled 2008 Curtain Fabric Dimensions Variable Courtesy the artist and Frith Street Gallery, London

We are supporting Cornish artist Anna Barriball to participate in the project and work with the unit’s community to create new and inventive artworks for the communal rooms in the Lodge.

Anna is a wonderful artist who grew up in Cornwall and went on to do her Art Foundation course at Falmouth College of Art. She is now a full time artist living in London and regularly shows her artwork in exhibitions internationally. She makes drawings, sculptures and videos that reveal hidden meanings in the everyday and overlooked. Her work is also inextricably connected to memory, particularly the feelings and fantasies of childhood. Yellow Leaves, for example (pictured), was inspired by curtains she discovered in a market, identical to those that hung in her 1970s childhood home in Launceston.

ANNA BARRIBALL Snowflakes 2013 720 painted snowflakes Spray paint & acrylic glaze on school grounds Commissioned by Situations and funded by Bristol City Council, Oasis Academy John Williams, Bristol Courtesy the artist and Frith Street Gallery, London


Anna has now made her first visit to Bluebell Lodge to meet the community and see the various rooms that the artists will be creating work for. Her next visit will involve leading a creative workshop with residents to gather their opinions and thoughts. We can’t wait to hear which room she selects and to see the artwork that she creates.

This project will also feature artwork by Antony Gormley, Bob and Roberta Smith, Steve Macleod, Mark Titchner, Rachael Champion and Tim A Shaw.

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