Swifts Flock To Our Summer Windows

Soaring, swirling and dancing on the breeze, a flock of paper birds have made our shop windows their home for the next few weeks.

Diving across the  windows and swooping around mannequins, 17,000 paper swifts provide the perfect backdrop to our summer collection.

Returning to the UK to breed, swifts make their homes on cliff edges, or in the rafters of churches and old barns. Their distinctive shape can be spotted silhouetted in the summer evening sky, as they call and dive around clifftops and rooves, feasting on flying insects.

Have you spotted any swifts this summer? Share your sightings with us, along with your crafty makes,  on FacebookTwitter and Instagram – don’t forget to tag your photos with #SeasaltArtsClub. We love seeing what you’ve been up to.

Kathryn and the Seasalt windows team x