The Adventures of a Lottie Dress

Our Seasalt Lottie Dress makes it to the top of Machu Picchu | Seasalt Cornwall

We love seeing where in the world you take your favourite Seasalt styles. We’ve seen jackets in Jordan, coats in Canada, and bags in Barbados, but never before have we seen one of our dresses visit so many places around the world. Checking our Instagram feed one morning we found our #WearingSeasalt hashtag was full of beautiful images of the Lottie Dress in amazing locations all over the globe. The owner of this beloved Lottie, Benita, also sent us an email letting us know how perfect the Lottie Dress is for travelling.

“When looking through my photographs recently, I realised I have now worn my Lottie Dress across the world from Thailand and Myanmar to Peru with various European capital cities in between.  I love the dress because it is so easy to wear, always looks good (even when I’ve fallen asleep in it), is light and cool and very easy to pack.  I wore it when getting everything ready on the morning of my daughter’s wedding and have worn it to stately homes, beer festivals, picnics, champagne afternoon tea  – you name it.” – Benita

We got in touch with Benita to thank her for the amazing images, (and to also tell her we’re a little envious of her travels). She first discovered the Lottie Dress after reading an article by India Knight in the Sunday Times Style Magazine. The few words India wrote about our famous Lottie Dress was enough to sway Benita to order one for herself and it’s become a wardrobe staple ever since.

Can you name all of the places Benita and her Lottie Dress have visited?

Seasalt Lottie Dress all over the world | Seasalt Cornwall

Next on Benita’s adventures is the Crumball Rally, a three day trip from Reims to Venice in a car costing less than £200 that will see her raising money for a breast cancer charity. We’ve added a new dress to Benita’s collection, so keep an eye out for our Gylly Dress popping upsomewhere between France and Italy.

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